The Doppelgänger Video Archive was created to coincide with the Home Sequence exhibition in Rongwrong, Amsterdam,  which began with a conversation about my ongoing private collection of films that mostly deal with stories about the doppelgänger and its proliferating variations and narratives. A doppelgänger is literally a duplicated body going its own way. It often appears as a dueling opponent in the form of a mirror reflection, an alter ego, a look-alike, a shadow, a clone or an avatar.
For Home Sequence, I restaged my personal film archive in an ambivalent setting, between the private and the public and between home and a typical video rental shop.
As the old media no longer hold any market value, like the VHS and the DVD, they become phantomized and transformed into objects that live as ghosts in the shadow of our constant modernization of technology. And so, eventually the video rental shop became as obsolete as what it tried to sell. Yet there still seem to be invisible bonds and vague identifications lurking under the surface that is haunting the new.
The Doppelgänger Video Archive e is presented as an animated ‚sculptural leftover’, which was initially stored in my home, but then started to expand and merge with the interior, the furniture and my urban memories.

For further readings Entrance through the Back Door by Weronika Trojanska
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Home Sequence, Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2015
Lecture programm, Rongwrong, Home Sequence, 17.01 - 22.02.2015
LECTURE BY JOHN C. WELCHMAN ‘THE UNCANNY AND VISUAL CULTURE’ FRIDAY, 30.1.2015, 19.30 Presenting a critical overview of the concept of the uncanny in historical, modern and contemporary visual culture, Welchman’s lecture is based on research for the exhibition The Uncanny curated by Kelley for Tate Liverpool and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna in 2004, which developed, in turn, from an earlier project at Sonsbeek’93 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Along with books and articles by Tony Vidler, Hal Foster and others, Kelley’s innovative “exhibition within the exhibition” was one of several contemporary efforts in the art and architectural worlds to set down a critical history and explore the implications of the aesthetic and psychological effects that were offered their first detailed discussion by Sigmund Freud in his 1919 essay ‘The “Uncanny.”’ These reckonings with the uncanny join with the analysis and deployment of other psychoanalytic concepts in the art world, including automatism and work of dreams by André Breton and the Surrealists; Salvador Dalí’s dissident critical paranoia; and theories and practices of narcissism, abjection and trauma developed in the 1990s. Welchman outlines some of these general and specific contexts, beginning with Freud, examines Kelley’s contribution, including his association of the uncanny with the practice of collecting, and looks to a number of related issues–including the question of how the experience of the uncanny might relate to the theory of simulation and how shifts in the art world over the last decade or so have fundamentally altered the making and reception of human-scaled polychrome sculpture.
LECTURE BY JOHN C. WELCHMAN ‘THE UNCANNY AND VISUAL CULTURE’ FRIDAY, 30.1.2015, 19.30 Presenting a critical overview of the concept of the uncanny in historical, modern and contemporary visual culture, Welchman’s lecture is based on research for the exhibition The Uncanny curated by Kelley for Tate Liverpool and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna in 2004, which developed, in turn, from an earlier project at Sonsbeek’93 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Along with books and articles by Tony Vidler, Hal Foster and others, Kelley’s innovative “exhibition within the exhibition” was one of several contemporary efforts in the art and architectural worlds to set down a critical history and explore the implications of the aesthetic and psychological effects that were offered their first detailed discussion by Sigmund Freud in his 1919 essay ‘The “Uncanny.”’ These reckonings with the uncanny join with the analysis and deployment of other psychoanalytic concepts in the art world, including automatism and work of dreams by André Breton and the Surrealists; Salvador Dalí’s dissident critical paranoia; and theories and practices of narcissism, abjection and trauma developed in the 1990s. Welchman outlines some of these general and specific contexts, beginning with Freud, examines Kelley’s contribution, including his association of the uncanny with the practice of collecting, and looks to a number of related issues–including the question of how the experience of the uncanny might relate to the theory of simulation and how shifts in the art world over the last decade or so have fundamentally altered the making and reception of human-scaled polychrome sculpture.
LECTURE BY GERALD BÄR PERCEPTIONS OF THE SELF AS THE OTHER: DOUBLE-VISIONS IN LITERATURE AND FILM - SUNDAY, 1.2.2015, 14.00 “Can cinema really offer what was, according to Jean Paul, a privilege of those people, whose imagination, influenced by intensive reading habits, had given them the capacity to gain the necessary distance and / or the complete involvement to see themselves? Does the perception of “celluloid-ghosts of actors’ bodies”, that belong to a different codified system than books, imply the same work of intellect and imagination? And how real can an ‘alter ego’ possibly become in cyberspace?“ Gerald Bär Based on the concept of the doppelganger as a literary fantasy of fragmentation of an individual, this lecture approaches the problem of self-perception in the age of mechanical reproduction that provided new challenges for authors, actors, audience and critics. Using examples from early cinema with their ‘witchcraft-like trick-shots’ in movies such as The Student of Prague (1913) Gerald Bär will exemplify how film as a possibility of new encounters with oneself on screen has led to different ways of self-definition and reality.
LECTURE BY GERALD BÄR PERCEPTIONS OF THE SELF AS THE OTHER: DOUBLE-VISIONS IN LITERATURE AND FILM - SUNDAY, 1.2.2015, 14.00 “Can cinema really offer what was, according to Jean Paul, a privilege of those people, whose imagination, influenced by intensive reading habits, had given them the capacity to gain the necessary distance and / or the complete involvement to see themselves? Does the perception of “celluloid-ghosts of actors’ bodies”, that belong to a different codified system than books, imply the same work of intellect and imagination? And how real can an ‘alter ego’ possibly become in cyberspace?“ Gerald Bär Based on the concept of the doppelganger as a literary fantasy of fragmentation of an individual, this lecture approaches the problem of self-perception in the age of mechanical reproduction that provided new challenges for authors, actors, audience and critics. Using examples from early cinema with their ‘witchcraft-like trick-shots’ in movies such as The Student of Prague (1913) Gerald Bär will exemplify how film as a possibility of new encounters with oneself on screen has led to different ways of self-definition and reality.
“Is that really you?” Artist talk by Dirk Fleischmann - Saturday 21.2.2015, 19.00 Dirk Fleischmann is currently based in Seoul, where he teaches visual art as a professor at Cheongju University. In 2009 he started the ‚Black Sheep Lectures’, a series of international artist talks, which were hosted in several institutions such as the Art Sonje Center in Seoul. Fleischmann has been asking himself what function and roles the recordings of the lectures have. Instead of burying the documentation material in an archive for an eventual resurrection, he is experimenting with presentation formats to activate the situations in a different way by re-staging or rewriting them. „Is that really you?” was developed collaboratively from a conversation between the artists Dirk Fleischmann and Sascha Pohle. It is an attempt to re-represent a previous lecture in which personal memories, interpretations, biographies and fiction will be incorporated into a sort of doppelgänger play.
“Is that really you?” Artist talk by Dirk Fleischmann - Saturday 21.2.2015, 19.00 Dirk Fleischmann is currently based in Seoul, where he teaches visual art as a professor at Cheongju University. In 2009 he started the ‚Black Sheep Lectures’, a series of international artist talks, which were hosted in several institutions such as the Art Sonje Center in Seoul. Fleischmann has been asking himself what function and roles the recordings of the lectures have. Instead of burying the documentation material in an archive for an eventual resurrection, he is experimenting with presentation formats to activate the situations in a different way by re-staging or rewriting them. „Is that really you?” was developed collaboratively from a conversation between the artists Dirk Fleischmann and Sascha Pohle. It is an attempt to re-represent a previous lecture in which personal memories, interpretations, biographies and fiction will be incorporated into a sort of doppelgänger play.
“Finisage of the exhibition ‚Home Sequence‘ with a CD launch of ‘HOUSEHOLD FOLEY The Shining PARALLEL SOUNDTRACK’ by Nathalie Snel Sunday 22.2.2015, 18.00 For the parallel soundtrack Snel has recorded the musical score of Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining (1980) as a foley. Foley sounds are studio recreations of ambient and movement sounds that were not recorded during the shooting of a film. All sounds for Snel’s project were recorded in her own house, but also in Sascha Pohle home using everyday household objects. ‘HOUSEHOLD FOLEY The Shining PARALLEL SOUNDTRACK’ as a last event in ‘Home Sequence’ will revisit the exhibition’s doppelganger theme, notions of the uncanny and the house. Snel will talk about her new work and share film excerpts and thoughts about her interest in horror movies and thrillers, in which houses and hotels are used as a metaphor of the psyche, the social sphere or both.
“Finisage of the exhibition ‚Home Sequence‘ with a CD launch of ‘HOUSEHOLD FOLEY The Shining PARALLEL SOUNDTRACK’ by Nathalie Snel Sunday 22.2.2015, 18.00 For the parallel soundtrack Snel has recorded the musical score of Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining (1980) as a foley. Foley sounds are studio recreations of ambient and movement sounds that were not recorded during the shooting of a film. All sounds for Snel’s project were recorded in her own house, but also in Sascha Pohle home using everyday household objects. ‘HOUSEHOLD FOLEY The Shining PARALLEL SOUNDTRACK’ as a last event in ‘Home Sequence’ will revisit the exhibition’s doppelganger theme, notions of the uncanny and the house. Snel will talk about her new work and share film excerpts and thoughts about her interest in horror movies and thrillers, in which houses and hotels are used as a metaphor of the psyche, the social sphere or both.

lookalike, impersonation, double, doppelganger, mirror, skin, another, death, shadow, ghost, fetch, wraith, daimon, genius, fylglia, inside, outside, schizophrenia, split, second, spitting image, duplex, proxy, agent, conjunction, mask, face, transfer, copy, counterfeit, duplicity, pair, imitation, mimesis, mimicry, take-over, duel, sandman, phantom, stand- in, second life, avatar, clone, deja-vu, alikeness, resemblance, dual, two-fold, exchange, artifact, robot, counterpart, reenactment, parroting, authenticity, obsession, memory, deception, possession, return, revenant, apery, doll, puppet, wax, automat, repetition, twins, dead ringer, alter ego, reflection, reproduction, twilight, half-light, trance, impostor, original, forgery, fake, resurrection, animation, cyborgs, mistaken identity, conman, trans-human, prosthesis, shape-shifter, travesty, gender-bender, canibal, simulation, simulacrum, replica, echo, reflection, home

A Double Life
1947, 104 min
Directed by George Cukor
Starring Ronald Colman, Edmond O’Brien, Signe Hasso

Anthony John is an actor whose life is strongly influenced by the characters he plays. When he’s playing comedy, he’s the most enjoyable person in the world, but not when he’s playing drama. When Anthony accepts to play Othello, he devotes himself entirely to the part, but it soon overwhelms him and with each day his mind gets filled more and more with Othello’s murderous jealousy.

2002, 114 min
Directed by Spike Jonze,
Screenplay by Charlie Kaufmann, Donald Kaufman,
Starring Nicolas Cage, Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper

While his latest movie Being John Malkovich (1999) is in production, screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is hired by Valerie Thomas to adapt Susan Orlean's non-fiction book "The Orchid Thief" for the screen. Adaptation is a metafilm based on Susan Orlean's non-fiction book with numerous self-referential events added. Although the film is titled as an adaptation of The Orchid Thief, its narrative focus is Charlie Kaufman's struggle to adapt the book into a film, while dramatizing the events of the book in parallel. The book details the story of rare orchid hunter John Laroche, whose passion for orchids and horticulture made Orlean discover passion and beauty for the first time in her life. The film also adds a number of fictitious elements, including Kaufman's twin brother (also credited as a writer for the film) and a romance between Orlean and Laroche, and culminates in completely invented events including fictional versions of Orlean and Laroche three years after the events related in The Orchid Thief, Kaufman and his fictional twin brother.

Jungdok aka Addicted
2002, 110 min
directed by Young-hoon Park, starring Byung-hun Lee, Mi-yeon Lee, Eol Lee

Two brothers, Ho-jin and Dae-jin, were the only family they had. The older brother Ho-jin married Eun-soo, extending their family to three, and they all lived happy, tranquil days together. But one day, in spite of Ho-jin's objection, Dae-jin takes part in a car race finals. At the exact same time and in different places, both brothers get into a tragic accident and they both lose consciousness. One year later, a miracle unfolds when Dae-jin wakes up from his coma. But when he does, he claims that he's Ho-jin.

Agantuk aka The Stranger
1991, 120 min
directed by Satyajit Ray, starring Dipankar Dey, Mamata Shankar, Bikram Bhattacharya |

The film sees Anila receiving a letter from a man claiming to be her uncle, a man who disappeared thirty-five years prior. He turns up at her family home professing to be an anthropologist, a globally seasoned traveler en route from the United States to Australia. The family is suspicious of the stranger, believing him to be an impostor pushing a financial scam. After a grilling from the family's lawyer, he leaves as unexpectedly as he arrives, leaving behind a stunned family, and some very insightful observations.

Nocturne Indien
1989, 110 min
directed by Alain Corneau
(based on the novel by Antonio Tabucchi)
starring Jean-Hugues Anglade, Clémentine Célarié, Otto Tausig

The enigmatic but vivid imagery of this loosely plotted film is based on a similarly evocative novel by the Italian author Antonio Tabucchi, {-Noturno Indiano}. An old friend of the hero's has been living in Bombay with a prostitute. His friend Peter Schlemihl (Otto Tausig) is a concentration camp survivor, who went to India after being captivated by a photograph he saw there. When the prostitute writes to him in Europe asking that he rescue his friend from a mysterious malaise, he flies into India to try and help. With each step of his journey, the hero (Jean-Hugues Anglade) becomes more identified with his friend, and re-enacts in his own person the transformations he must have experienced.

Among The Living
1941, 67 min
directed by Stuart Heisler, starring Albert Dekker, Susan Hayward, Frances Farmer

Twenty-five years earlier, the brutal father had hurled Paul against a wall when the young boy had tried to defend his mother and, with his brain injured forever, Paul's last memory, before descending into the shadows on insanity, was his mother's agonized scream. A mentally unstable man, who has been kept in isolation for years, escapes and causes trouble for his identical twin brother.

An Actors Revenge (Yukinojô henge)
1963, 113 min
Directed by Kon Ichikawa
Starring Kazuo Hasegawa, Fujiko Yamamoto

As a child Yukitarō’s (Kazuo Hasegawa) parents were killed by three men.
As an adult he becomes an onnagata, a male Kabuki actor who plays female roles. Yukinojō, Yukitarō’s theater name, wears women’s clothes and uses the language and mannerisms of a woman offstage as well as on. In disguise she will revenge Yukitarō.
The Japanese title is Yukinojō henge (雪之丞変化. Among the various senses of henge, whose basic meaning is change of form, are ghost, spectre and apparition, and the title is sometimes translated as The Avenging Ghost of Yukinojō. In the kabuki theatre the word henge has the technical sense of costume change. The type of play called a henge-mono (変化もの) is a quick-change piece in which the leading actor plays a number of roles and undergoes many on-stage changes of costume.
keywords: impersonation, travesty

Angel Heart
1987, 113 min
Directed by Alan Parker
Starring Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet

Harry Angel is a private investigator. He is hired by a man who calls himself Louis Cyphre, a homophone for Lucifer, to track down a singer called Johnny Favorite. But the investigation takes an unexpected and somber turn in which the fallen ‚Angel’ finds out about his true murderous identity.

1979, 105 min
Directed by Iván Zulueta
Starring Eusebio Poncela, Cecilia Roth, Will More

José Sirgado is a frustrated horror film director and heroin addict. Once he noticed that his camera turned on by itself and filmed him during his sleep. After developing the film, he discovers a red frame in which the camera has lost the image of his sleeping. Curious, Pedro allows the camera to film him multiple times, only to discover that the red still frames are growing in number. Unsure of what the frames mean, he asks his cousin Marta to watch him as he sleeps, but the camera then faces Marta, who disappears.

2007, 75 min
Directed by Giles Dadust and Emmanuel Jespers
Starring Mary Stockley, Felix Scott

In ‘Artifacts’ to kill your own double doesn’t means to kill yourself but to survive and maybe to find yourself. The film opens with a B&W photograph of a group of six friends, while the camera slowly zooms on the eye of Kate into darkness.  One after the other of all friends got killed by their doppelgangers. . All victims carry a strange Cronenbergish shaped artefact under their left rip – a sensor with a creepy mechanical sound that calls the deadly doppelganger. Did all before really happen; was it only Kates’ imagination or a set up within a sinister psycho-therapeutically science fiction experiment? Carl Francken (alias Frankenstein?), her ‘eye’ confronts Kate to think what makes us human: “How do you react when you are facing yourself? How do you distinguish from a copy of yourself? Who will win? The original or the perfect copy? What makes us unique? …. We will meet again soon”

A Stolen Life
1946, 101 min
Directed by Curtis Bernhardt
Starring Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Dane Clark

When a woman's twin sister is drowned, she assumes her identity in order to be close to the man she feels her sister took from her years before.

A veréb is madár
1986, 80 min
Directed by György Hintsch
Starring László Kabos, Ilona Medveczky, József Szendrõ

In this Socialist-era comedy the Kabos plays twin brothers: Sándor, who emigrated and became a rich man, and Zoltán, who stayed in Hungary and lives the life of an average working-class man. When Sándor visits his twin brother, they are constantly mistaken for each other, and when Zoltán sees how differently people treat Sándor because of his money and his foreign citizenship, he begins to like being mistaken for him - until he realizes that this means he will lose his girlfriend Szöszi. By showing both sides and over-emphasizing some differences the film mocks the double-moral in former Hungary both the Socialist way of life and those who admired the lifestyle in Capitalist countries.

A Zed and Two Noughts
1985, 115 min
Directed by Peter Greenaway
Starrring Brian Deacon, Eric Deacon, Andréa Ferréol

Oliver Deuce, a successful doctor, is shattered when his wife is killed in a freak car accident involving the car being driven by Alba Bewick colliding with a very large rare bird. His twin brother Oswald is researching how carcasses decay at the local zoo. Alba survives the accident although she loses one leg, and her sinister physician eventually removes the other 'because it looked so sad all alone'. Oswald and Oliver become involved in a menage a trois with Alba, and uncover very dubious trafficking in zoo property. But ultimately their only goal is to try and understand their mortal condition. The actors handle their difficult, often elliptical characterizations with skill, with Andréa Ferréol making the most vivid impression as the woman who changes the lives of the twin brother protagonists in an earth-shaking fashion. In short, A Zed & Two Noughts is not a film for those who love straightforward narratives but is well worth a look to adventurous viewers looking for a challenge that is easy on the eyes.

Bad Company
2002, 116 min
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Starring Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock, Peter Stormare |

Bad film about a CIA mission in Prague, not ’The Student of Prague“. When a Harvard-educated agent is killed during an operation, the secret agency recruits his twin brother, DJ and street chess player.

1976, 106 min
Directed by André Téchiné
Starring Isabelle Adjani, Gérard Depardieu, Marie-France Pisier

Barocco is a political thriller set in the shadow world of Amsterdam that invokes the plot twists and bizarre narrative elements as it creates a world of crooked politicians, virtuous prostitutes, doppelgangers, and destiny. On the eve of a local election in Amsterdam, Samson (Gérard Depardieu), a boxer, is paid to create a scandal by saying he had a homosexual affair with one of the candidates. Although Samson is reluctant to get involved, his girlfriend, Laure (Isabelle Adjani), persuades him to agree and use the money to escape the city. As Laure and Samson are attempting to leave the city, a gangster who looks exactly like Samson (played also by Depardieu) emerges from nowhere and murders him. Laure attempts to re-create her lost love in the form of the look-alike killer.

Being John Malcovich
1999. 112 min
Directed by Spike Jonze
Writer: Charlie Kaufman
Starring: John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Keener

A puppeteer discovers a hidden doorway in his office, which turns out to be a portal into John Malkovitch (the famous actor)'s mind. Upon entering the portal, one gets to be inside Malkovitch's mind for 15 odd minutes. As with any great discovery of this century, the ultimate question immediately arises : 'How can we make money out of this?' He and his co-worker promptly set out to exploit this discovery.

1960, 74 min
Directed: Yasushi Sasaki
Starring: Hibari Misora , Kôtarô Satomi , Tomisaburô Wakayama ,

Benten Kozo literally meaning "Goddess Boy" is cast as a combination wakashu (young man, frequently implying homosexual youth) & onnagata (female impersonator) named Kikunosuke, Kiku for short. Kiku is capable of going back & forth between genders, in one moment speaking like a highborn young lady, in the next like a street ruffian, with tattooed shoulders to prove his street credentials. Gender-bent performances are inherited from the kabuki theater, which began as an all-women's theater at the beginning of the Tokugawa period, with women sexily playing male roles, displaying their charms to attract patrons or customers.

Black Devil Doll from Hell
1984, 70 min
Directed by Chester Novell Turner
Writer: Chester Novell Turner
Starring Shirley L. Jones, Gladys Ames, Bernard Brown

A woman buys a doll at a magic shop. Unbeknownst to her, the doll is possessed by an evil spirit, and it proceeds to take her over.

Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool is called the Mini Las Vegas located at England’s West Coast. It has a couple of casinos, a lookalike Eifel tower and during the annual Illumination Festival the town appears in a regalia of glittering LED and Neon lights. Excerpts of the documentary footage appear in Sascha Pohle’s video If I were you LAS VEGAS NEW YORK BLACKPOOL, a film about three Robert de Niro lookalikes in which the notion of alikeness is reassumed in three different cities they are living.

1982, 117 min
Directed by Ridley Scott
Starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young

Man has developed the technology to create replicants, human clones used to serve in the colonies outside Earth but with fixed lifespans. In Los Angeles, 2019, Deckard is a Blade Runner, a cop who specializes in terminating replicants. Originally in retirement, he is forced to re-enter the force when four replicants escape from an off-world colony to Earth.

Body Double
1984, 114 min
Directed by Brian de Palma
Starring Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry

The film was a direct homage to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, specifically Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958), but also closely related to E.T.A. Hoffman’s novel ‘Der Sandman’, taking plot lines and themes (voyeurism, obsession and medical anxiety).
Jake being sheated by his girlfriend, looking for his inner self in acting workshops and a badly paid job in a vampire B-movie becomes the perfect victim for a murder set-up.
Suffering of claustrophobia Jake becomes deceived by a new friend and a hired woman who strips with her window open each night, which is just a body double for a crime he should have witnessed.

Body Snatchers
1993, 85 min
Directed by Abel Ferrara
Starring Gabrielle Anwar, Meg Tilly, Terry Kinney

Body Snatchers is the third film adaptation of Finney's novel, the first adaptation being Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1956, followed by a remake of the same name in 1978. The plot revolves around the discovery that people working at a military base in Alabama are being replaced by perfect physical imitations grown from plant-like pods. The duplicates are indistinguishable from normal people except for their utter lack of emotion. The horror ranges from the gory of the melting heads to the supremely subtle scenes of kids in the classroom drawing the exact same picture. In comparison to the second version, this one has a nowhere nearly as brilliant, rather disappointing ending, but Abel Ferrara’s pacing is must faster.

Bride of Reanimator
1998, 96 min
Directed by Brian Yuzna
Starring Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones

Based on a story by HP Lovecraft Doctors Herbert West and Dan Cain discover the secret to creating human life and proceed to create a perfect woman from dead tissue.

Britney Baby One More Time
2002, 98 min
Directed by Ludi Boeken
Starring Angel Benton, Mark Borchardt, Mike Schank

Dude Schmitz, an independent filmmaker, attempting to secure funds for his second feature, blows an opportunity at what promises to be a lucrative interview with pop sensation Britney Spears. Dejected, Schmitz discovers Robert Stephens, a young, gay Britney impersonator. Schmitz takes off for New Orleans with Stephens, promising him a chance to meet his teen idol, all the while taking film of Stephens' cross-country exploits and pawning them off as footage of the real deal.

Clones of Bruce Lee
1980, 91 min
Directed by Joseph Velasco (as Joseph Kong)
Starring Dragon Lee, Bruce Le, Yi Tao Chang

Bruce Lee has just died, but the BSI is swinging into action to salvage the situation. Aided by the brilliant Professor Lucas, cells from the martial arts master's body are removed and grown into three adult Bruce Lee clones. After undergoing training to bring their skills up to the level of their 'father', the three are sent out to battle crime, with one sent to take on a gold smuggler, and the other two teaming up to shut down an evil mad scientist.

Close Up (Nema-ye Nazdik)
1990. 98 min
Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
Starring Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Hossain Sabzian, Abolfazl

Pretending to be Mohsen Makhmalbaf making his next movie, Hossain Sabzian enters the home of a well-to-do family in Tehran, promising it a prominent part in his next movie. The actual people involved in the incident re-enact the actual events, followed by the footage from the actual trial that took place.

Copie Conforme
2010, 106 min
Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
Starring Juliette Binoche, William Shimell, Jean-Claude

James Miller has just written a book on the value of a copy versus the original work of art. At a book reading, a woman gives him her address, and the next day they meet and take a country-side drive to a local Italian village. Here, they discuss various works of art found in the town, and also the nature of their relationship - which gets both more revealed and concealed as the day progresses.

Copie Conforme
1947, 105 min
Directed by Jean Dréville
Starring Louis Jouvet, Suzy Delair, Annette Poivre

A crook and an honest man, who is his perfect double. Jouvet is so good, a perfectionist extraordinaire that you do believe there are really two different actors on the screen, one self-assured, smart and tricky, the other one a born-sucker. Nevertheless, best scenes are to be found at the beginning: Jouvet selling a castle on the historical register to a couple of nouveaux riches: his crook becomes a true noble and when he says to these bourgeois he despises "call me excellency as everybody does", his behavior compels respect.

1995, 123 min
Directed by Jon Amiel
Starring Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, Dermot Mulroney |

An agoraphobic psychologist and a female detective must work together to take down a serial killer who copies serial killers from the past.

Cracks in the Mask
1998, 58 min
Directed by Frances Calvert

The mysterious and elaborate turtleshell masks collected last century in Torres Strait in far north Australia are unique and irreplaceable, yet there are now none left in Torres Strait. They are all in foreign museums. The documentary Cracks in the Mask reveals a story about museums and about objects - about what museums do and about their rationale for continuing to hold such objects, and about the meaning of these objects for Torres Strait Islanders today... A moving, often poignant representation of issues surrounding the return of such collections to the descendants of their original owners. The discussions about the relationship between objects, culture, memory, history, identity, and cultural reclamation all converge to provoke reflection and thought about these issues

2003, 94 min
Directed by Patrick-Mario Bernard, Xavier Brillat
Starring Patrick-Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic, Jean-Yves

René and his lover Patric live in an old ballroom on the coast in Northern France. When Patric goes away for work, René begins to obsess on a picture of two brothers in dresses that hangs on the wall of the ballroom. René is knocking around alone in the empty building, strange things start to happen... things that seem to originate down in the dark dirty space below the dance floor. Gradually René comes to accept the strange copy of himself having lunch with his doppelganger.

Dark Reflection
1994, 90 min
Directed by Jack Sholder
Starring C. Thomas Howell, Lisa Zane, Miko Hughes

Software programmer Ben Braden has it all: beautiful wife, cute kid, dream house, sports car, great job. Then one day the doorbell rings and he finds himself standing eye to eye with Alex Connelly, every inch his double and hell-bent on getting Ben's material features as well.

1990, 96 min
Directed by Sam Raimi
Starring Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand, Colin Friels

Peyyton Westlake is a Scienist on the brink of discovering how to make surrogate skin tissue. His girlfriend Julie Hastings is a lawyer who finds herself involved in a realestate scam for an important architecture firm. When gangsters burn down Peytons Lab in search of evidence they leave him for dead in the fumes. Peyton recovers from the blast and uses his research towards avenging them. Covering his own charred body with identical 3d reconstructions of the faces and bodies of the gangsters he begins to play them against each other. This action hero film had so many qualities of a comic that the Darkman story was later written into a marvel a comic.

Das andere Ich
1941, 101 min
Directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner
Starring Hilde Krahl, Mathias Wieman, Erich Ponto

The young Viennese Magdalena Menzel moves to Berlin seeking a job as a technical illustrator.  During her interview at the Wuellner Works, however, she appears so uncertain of herself, that the head engineer is put off and will only offer her a position as a clerk on the night shift.  But after the head engineer reconsiders his offer, Magdalena agrees to work the day shift, but doesn't give up her night job. Seen by Martin working at night, Magdalena tells him that this would have been her twin sister Lena. From now on Magdalena had to act as two personalities.

Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray
1970, 110 min
Directed by Massimo Dallamano
Starring Helmut Berger, Richard Todd, Herbert Lom

There's no need of giving a brief synopsis as we all know it's about a man who remains perpetually young while a painting of himself ages in the hidden. It's a new version of the famous story, updated for the swinging 60s/70s with Helmut Berger playing Dorian Gray as a bisexual jet-setter who likes to mingle with beautiful young women but also with men on the side.

Das Gestohlene Gesicht
1930, 84 min
Directed by Philipp Lothar Mayring, Erich Schmidt
Starring Hans Otto, Fritz Lequis, Edith Edwards

Bill's friend Lore is an art student in Berlin.  Since her professor doesn't think much of women painters, she decides to swipe a Rafael painting from the galerie and replaces it with a copy she painted  (otherwise known as art forgery).  To make matters worse, some moron has stolen the counterfeit from the museum.  Criminal Investigator Keller suspects Bill and Lore are behind the whole thing.  But Bill, a gifted quick-change artist, keeps escaping arrest by constantly altering his appearance like a chameleon on steroids.

Dead Again
1991, 107 min
Directed by Kenneth Branagh
Starring Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Andy Garcia

1990s LA police detective Mike Church took the case of amnesia-suffering mute client' Grace; she was having nightmares about the murder of a pianist named Margaret Strauss by her world-famous composer/conductor husband Roman Strauss in the late 1940s; Margaret had been suspicious that Roman's housekeeper Inga and her disturbed, stammering son Frankie were stealing her husband things; Roman was falsely put to death by electric chair for the murder of his wife Margaret, who was actually stabbed and murdered with a pair of scissors by Frankie, because his mother was in love with Roman; in the present day story, Mike came into contact with hypnotist/antique dealer Franklyn Madson who believed that Grace had suffered trauma in her past life; under regressive hypnosis, it was revealed that there were remarkable similarities and parallels between the stories of Roman and Margaret in the past, and Mike and Grace in the present; it was discovered that Mike was the reincarnation of murdered pianist wife, Margaret; and amnesia-suffering Grace was the reincarnation of executed composer Roman Strauss; the hypnotist (the murderer from the 40s) died when impaled on a large scissor sculpture made by 'Grace' and Mike held his partner 'Grace'.

Dead Ringers
1988, 116 min
Directed by David Cronenberg
Starring Jeremy Irons, Geneviève Bujold, Heidi von Palleske

The Mantle brothers are both doctors - both gynecologists - and identical twins. Mentally however, one of them is more confident than the other, and always manages to seduce the women he meets. When he's tired of his current partner, she is passed on to the other brother - without her knowing. Everything runs smoothly, until an actress visits their clinic, and the shy brother is the first to fall in love. Will they be able to 'share' her ?

Dead Ringer
1964, 116 min
Directed by Paul Henreid
Starring Bette Davis, Karl Malden, Peter Lawford

After the funeral of her brother-in-law, Edith Phillips learns that Margaret de Lorca, her rich twin sister, had tricked her way into marriage with the man she also loved. So she kills Margaret and assumes her identity and life-style. However, her life becomes complicated by her late sister's sleazy boyfriend, Tony Collins and Sgt. Jim Hobbson, a Los Angeles detective who loved the "dead" Edith.

Deadly Nightshade
1953, 61 min
Directed by John Gilling
Starring Emrys Jones, Zena Marshall, John Horsley

The world's in turmoil in the early years of nuclear weapons and the cold war. The uncertainty and insecurity is reflected in every aspect of life, from personal relationships to one's very identity. An escaped convict thinks he has found security by taking on another man's identity (whoops, another dead body) but then finds the new identity has a murky past which threatens to engulf him in international espionage. Trust, recognition, sincerity, love and respect are all thrown in doubt. It's a snapshot of 1950's high anxiety, with plenty of unexpected twists.

Deadly Friend
1986, 91 min
Directed by Wes Craven
Starring Matthew Labyorteaux, Kristy Swanson, Michael

Paul is a new kid in town with a robot named "BB". He befriends Samantha and the three of them have a lot of good times together. That is, until Samantha's abusive father throws her down some stairs and kills her. In an effort to save her life, Paul implants BB's computer brain into Samantha's human brain.

Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man)
1994, 105 min
Directed by Michele Soavi
Starring Rupert Everett, François Hadji-Lazaro, Anna Falchi

There title’s duality of love and dead proceeds in the narrative. A cemetery man must kill the dead a second time when they become zombies. The same actress, Anna Falchi, dies and returns as three separate characters who may very well be aspects of the same woman or aspects of the central character’s dream world.

Der Andere
Directed by Max Mack
Starring Albert Bassermann, Emmerich Hanus

A man has an accident while out riding his horse one day. He soon discovers that he now has a split personality, and that his alternate is helping a criminal to rob his house.

Der Andere
1930, 102 min
Directed by Robert Wiene
Starring Fritz Kortner, Käthe von Nagy, Heinrich George

The Other (German: Der Andere) is a 1930 German drama film directed by Robert Wiene and starring Fritz Kortner, Käthe von Nagy and Heinrich George. It was based on the 1893 play Der Andere by Paul Lindau. A French-language version The Prosecutor Hallers was shot by Wiene immediately afterwards in the same Berlin studio, but with different actors.

Der Doppelgänger
1934, 88 min
Directed by E. W. Emo
Starring Georg Alexander, Camilla Horn, Gerda Maurus

Der Doppelgänger is a German comedy thriller based on the novel with the original titel Double Dan by Edgar Wallace. In Australia, the young Jenny Miller has fallen in love with the image of her distant relative Harry Salsbury. He manages the assets of the family in London and is under suspicion of having embezzled them. So Jenny travels to London where Harry can demonstrate his innocence. However, his conduct is not the most respectable, so Jenny comes to the conclusion that the notorious criminal "Doppelgänger" has taken his place.

Der Doppelgänger
1980, 90 min
Directed by Emanuel Boeck
Starring Uwe Ochsenknecht, Angie Hill, Michelle Evans, Simon Oates, Markus Dentler

After biology student Harry got joblessn due to the finacial cut for a research project at the university receives an offer to be a house sitter in a luxury apartment. The owner Wolf, a secret agent working for the government, has a striking resemblence to Harry who is nothing more than a victime in a plot. Harry has to escape the assaniations that in fact are adressed to the agent by the skin of his teeth.

Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam
1920, 91 min
Directed by Carl Boese, Paul Wegener
Starring Paul Wegener, Albert Steinrück, Ernst Deutsch

In 16th-century Prague, a Jewish rabbi creates a giant creature from clay, called the Golem, and using sorcery, brings the creature to life in order to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution.

Der Kongress tanzt
1931, 85 min
Directed by Erik Charell
Starring Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch, Otto Wallburg

Der Kongress tanzt is a particularly well achieved move in Ufa's attempt to challenge US supremacy in the European film arena, taking advantage of the introduction of sound. As such, the studio released the movie in three different language versions (MLV): in German, in French as Le congrès s'amuse, and English as Congress Dances. Lilian Harvey played in all three versions, as she spoke all languages with no accent.

Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Starring Dirk Bogarde, Andréa Ferréol, Klaus Löwitsch |

It is the beginning of the third reich and signs of Nazism are slowly gaining acceptance in German everyday life. A Russian emigree and chocolate factory owner thinks up an insurance scam with which he can flee to Switzerland and collect his insurance money. He murders a man whom he believes to be his double to himself and takes on his identity. But the Chocolate magnate seems to be the only one to see a resemblance between him and his victim, whose complexion is much lighter that his own. Dirk Bogarde, Andréa Ferréol and Klaus Löwitsch co star in this harrowing drama executed with Fassbinders trademark combination of overacting and understatement. This film was the first international co-production in Fassbinders amazingly large oevre, and the only of his films to be shot in English. It is also the first film for which Fassbinder did not write the story himself. The film is based on the 1936 novel "Otchayanie" (“Despair”)  by Vadimir Nabokov. Fassbinder has said about this film that "Despair (1978) comes from the awareness that in everyone's life there comes a point where not only the mind but the body, too, understands that it's over. I want to go on with my life, but there will be no new feelings or experiences for me. At this point people start to rearrange their lives".

Desperatley Seeking Susan
1985, 104 min
Directed by Susan Seidelman
Starring Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Aidan Quinn |

A bored suburban housewife, seeking adventure to her life, spots a regular personal ad in the paper titled 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. She heads off to New York, following one of the ads, and finds Susan. When Susan sells her jacket, Roberta - trying to emulate her mystery, accidentally gets hit on the head, wakes up with amnesia, and is mistaken for a free-spirited New York City drifter named Susan.

Diary (Mon seung)
2006, 85 min
Directed by Oxide Pang Chun
Starring Hin-Wai Au, Charlene Choi, Isabella Leong

Winnie Leung is a lonely woman that likes to make puppets and write her diary, and she misses her boy-friend Seth Lau, who left her after breaking up their relationship. Winnie leaves messages in his mail box and unsuccessfully tries to contact him in his job. When she meets Ray Fan, she tells him that his resemblance with Seth is amazing. Ray moves to her place and when Winnie's next door snoopy neighbors calls the police because of the smell in her apartment, a dark secret is disclosed in her diary.

Die heimliche Gräfin
1942, 96 min

Directed by Géza von Bolváry
Starring Marte Harell, Wolf Albach-Retty, Elfriede Datzig

A comedy of mistaken identity in aristrocatic Vienna during the turn of the century.

Don't look back (Ne Te Retourne Pas)
2009, 111 min
Directed by Marina de Van
Starring Monica Belucci, Sophie Morceau

A psychodrama about a photographer whose pictures tell a different story to that of her perception. Transformation, 2 Jeanne’s, mystery, metamorphosis, past, a photography, Italy, finding one’s self

Don’t look Now
1973, 110 min
Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Starring Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland

recurring motifs, grief and seperation, red, blood, church, a slide, photography, two sisters, contact with the dead, reflection on the water, canal, Venice, best love scene ever, fragmentation, runnning away means running to it, getting lost, murder
Red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, one of my favorites films

2003, 107 min
Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Starring Kôji Yakusho, Hiromi Nagasaku, Yûsuke Santamaria

Hayasaki is an inventor working on an Artificial Body. It is not going well and he is stressed out and on the verge of being fired from the research division of his company. His doppelganger appears to help him out of the rut he has created for himself.

1993, 104 min
Directed by Avi Nesher
Starring Drew Barrymore, George Newbern, Dennis Christopher

Drew Barrymore stars (twice) in a film that is both b thriller, romantic drama, and body horror. A disturbed young woman has developed a real world doppelganger as a result of emotional distress. On the run from her old life she moves in with a young writer who has a room to let. They soon develop an intimate relationship. When the womans past comes back looking for her, her new lover is the only one willing to help her. But is he involved with his roommate or with her doppelganger?

Dorian Gray im Spiegel der Boulevardpresse
1984, 150 min
Directed by Ulrike Ottinger
Starring Veruschka von Lehndorff, Delphine Seyrig, Tabea Blumenschein

Dorian Gray becomes a tool of an international conspiracy.

Doriana Gray (Die Marquise de Sade)
1976, 79 min
Directed by Jesus Franco
Starring Lina Romay, Martine Stedil, Monica Swinn, Olivier Mathot, Pamela Stanford

A lonely aristocrat Miss Gray has a twin sister who's in an asylum. They share a strange bond. Miss Gray is rational but frigid while her sister is insane yet feels sexual pleasure for both of them.

Double Agents (La nuit des espions)
1960, 80 min
Directed by Robert Hossein
Starring Robert Hossein, Marina Vlady

A man and a woman meet up in a hut in Normandy during WW2. All the story takes place in that  room except for the first scenes at the intelligence service office. Both are agents. Handsome Robert Hossein and beautiful Marina Vlady (who were husband and wife at the time) fall in love at first sight but cannot trust each other. Are they agents working for the allies or are they spies? They will spend the whole night, eating, drinking champagne, dancing, suspecting each other, making love, trying to fool the other and trying to know who he (she) really is.

Double Dare
2004, 81 min
Directed by Amanda Micheli
Starring Jeannie Epper, Zoë Bell, Lynda Carter

Double Dare is a double-barreled, action-packed documentary about the struggles of two stuntwomen in male-dominated Tinseltown to stay working, stay thin, and stay sane.

Double Exposure
1983, 104 min
Directed by William Byron Hillman
Starring Michael Callan, Joanna Pettet, James Stacy

A photographer for a men's magazine is disturbed by a recurring dream that he is killing his models by various gruesome means. Then he discovers that his city is being terrorized by a slasher who is stalking and murdering women on the streets. He begins to suspect that he may actually be the killer.

Double Face (A Doppia Faccia)
1969, 88 min
Directed by Riccardo Freda (as Robert Hampton)
Starring Klaus Kinski, Christiane Krüger, Günther Stoll

In this story he has fallen in love and married the wealthy Helen. Shortly thereafter he finds she is also attracted to women. She dies, or apparently dies, in a fiery auto accident. Kinski is urged by his father-in-law to take some time off from the family business in order to recover. His stay in St. Tropez seems to arouse the suspicions of the police. But he has more to worry about. A young woman has made herself at home in his mansion, and Kinski starts to hear his wife's voice. This young woman leads Kinski into the hippie world where he sees a recently-made porn film that suggests Helen is alive. While the police track him, he is trying to track down Helen and/or her real murderer.

Double Impact
1991, 102 min
Directed by Sheldon Lettich
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Geoffrey Lewis, Alonna Shaw

Jean Claude Van Damme plays a dual role as Alex and Chad, twins separated at the death of their parents. Chad is raised by a family retainer in Paris, Alex becomes a petty crook in Hong Kong. Seeing a picture of Alex, Chad rejoins him and convinces him that his rival in Hong Kong is also the man who killed their parents.

Double Take
2009, 80 min
Directed by Johan Grimonprez
Starring Ron Burrage, Mark Perry, Delfine Bafort

Director Johan Grimonprez casts Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid history professor, unwittingly caught up in a double take on the cold war period. Subverting a meticulous array of TV footage and using 'The Birds' as an essential metaphor, DOUBLE TAKE traces catastrophe culture's relentless assault on the home, from moving images' inception to the present day. Double Take seems to be a fantasy of two Hitchcocks resonating parallels between Nixon and Kruschev, Kennedy and Kruschev - indeed, Hitchcock and Kruschev - and the relationship of all four to the prevailing media of the late 1950s, television.

Double Trouble
1992, 86 min
Directed by John Paragon
Starring Peter Paul, David Paul, Roddy McDowall

Muscle-bound twins try to smash a jewel smuggling ring.

Doctor Blood's Coffin
1961, 92 min
Directed by Sidney J. Furie
Starring Kieron Moore, Hazel Court, Ian Hunter

People are mysteriously disappearing near a remote Cornish village, where a scientist is experimenting with reviving the dead.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide
1920, 49 min
Directed by John S. Robertson
Starring John Barrymore, Martha Mansfield, Brandon Hurst

Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself. Played by American stage and screen actor John Barrymore the grandfather of Drew Barrymore starring in the 1993 movie Doppelganger, where she is followed by her evil alter- ego.

1992, 102 min
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins

Jonathan Harker a young lawyer is assigned to a gloomy village in the mists of eastern Europe. He is captured and imprisoned by the undead vampire Dracula, who travels to London, inspired by a photograph of Harker's betrothed, Mina Murray, who looks like Dracula’s lost love 400 years ago.

Duplicity (Trouble)
2005, 98 min
Directed by Harry Cleven
Starring Benoît Magimel, Natacha Régnier, Nathan Lacroix

The photographer and family man Matyas is married and has a happy life with his beloved wife Claire, who is pregnant and near the delivery, and his young son Pierre. Matyas was raised in an orphanage, and he believes his mother died when he was six.
However, he receives a correspondence and discovers that his mother has just passed away and that he has a twin brother, Thomas. Matyas does not recall his childhood with his mother and brother and has problems with blood. When Thomas visits his family, Matyas becomes paranoid, believing that his sibling wishes to takeover his family.
Identical twins who were separated at childhood meet on the passing away of their mother. Their curiosity for each other is both stiffling and irresistible. As traumatic events from the past begin to resurface the twins relationship moves from obsession to contempt. When it becomes clear that even their wives cannot tell the brothers apart, sibling rivalry begins to take sordid twists.

Eine Frau namens Harry
1990, 90 min
Directed by Cyril Frankel
Starring Thomas Gottschalk, Petra Wagner, Barbara vom Baur, Mandy Perryment

Harriet is a middle-age woman without luck in her job and with men. Before taking an overdose of sleeping pills to end her life the last words are that she would give anything to be a man. The listening devil proposes her to fullfill that wish under the condition of an exchange for her soul. The next morning Harriet becomes Harry. The Devil tells Harry ('Thomas Gottschalk'), that he "looks like a tv-showmaster". In reality, Gottschalk is one of the most popular TV hosts in Germany.

El otro
1986, 105 min
Directed by Arturo Ripstein
Starring Yaco Alva, Juan Ignacio Aranda, Edmundo Barahona

This film started out as the second collaboration between Ripstein and Manuel Puig.  However, Puig was dissatisfied with the film and asked that his writer credit be removed. Ripstein did not comply.  Puig's screenplay, published under the title La cara del villano (The Face of the Villain), was based on "El Impostor", a short story by the great Argentine writer Silvina Ocampo. Efforts to bring this story to screen (and Ocampo adaptations in general) have been cursed.  At about the same time this film was produced, Carlos Hugo Christensen attempted unsuccessfully to raise funds to make a film based on the story.  More than a decade later, he attempted to adapt another Ocampo story but he died and left the film uncompleted.

Elvjs e Merilijn
1998, 93 min
Directed by Armando Manni
Starring Edyta Olszówka, Goran Navojec, Giorgio Faletti

Bulgarian Nicolaj is an Elvis impersonator and Romanian Ileana does Marilyn Monroe. When the two strangers enter a 1995 Bucharest look-alike competition, they both win an engagement for the summer at an Adriatic coast nightclub, getting to know each other by speaking in halting Italian phrases learned from watching television. A passport problem at the airport prompts them to make an illegal border entry by car, traveling through war-torn Yugoslavia. The dark landscape of Central Europe gives way to the glitter of Riccone, but unfortunately their act fails, forcing them to find humiliating work with a porn show.

Emporte Moi
1999, 94 min
Directed by Léa Pool
Starring Karine Vanasse, Pascale Bussières, Predrag Manojlovic

Emporte Moi tells the tale of Hannah, a tomboyish 13 year-old hitting puberty in 1963. An unhappy and uncomfortable family life leads Hannah to seek escapism in the world of cinema. Specifically, she repeatedly watches and appears enthralled by Nana (Anna Karina), the character from Jean-Luc Godard's "Vivre sa vie" (1962) about a Parisian woman's descent into prostitution. Her confusion surrounding what is real leads to a crush for her female teacher and her actively pursuing what it's like to be a prostitute for an evening.

2013, 90 min
Directed by Denis Villeneuve
Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon

A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.

1992, 102 min
Directed by Alan Rudolph
Starring Matthew Modine, Lara Flynn Boyle, Fred Ward

Henry Petosa and Freddy Ace are twins who were separated being babies, and they do not know each other. Henry was adopted by a honest man, while Freddy becomes a gangster. Henry is very shy and has a lot of mental troubles. The film melts the two stories by a young writer who discovers that they were sons of an european noble and they own a large inheritance

Espelho Magico
2005, 137 min
Directed by Manoel de Oliveira
Starring Leonor Silveira, Ricardo Trêpa, Luís Miguel Cintra

Luciano, fresh out of jail, was taken by his brother, Flórido, to serve in the home of wealthy Alfreda. He was surprised when she told him that her greatest desire was to see the Virgin Mary. Now comes this rich land owner with her sublime pretensions. Isn't it enough for her to have an Aston Martin and a Jaguar in the garage and ten different dresses per season? It was all professor Heschel's fault. Or someone else's. Anyway, to go beyond the promise is heresy. Alfreda said that she wouldn't rest until she saw the Virgin and made her some questions. Filipe Quinta, the Forger, says he has a solution.

1987, 98 min
Directed by Jesús Franco
Starring Helmut Berger, Brigitte Lahaie, Telly Savalas

A model named Barbara Hallen has disappeared and her father gets private detective Sam Morgan to go to Paris to find his daughter. Barbara's trail leads Morgan to a plastic surgery clinic owned by Dr. Flamand. Morgan's investigation reveals the horrifying secret behind the Doctor's miracle cures which is blood and organs taken from kidnapped young women.

1997, 138 min
Directed by John Woo
Starring John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen

To foil an extortion plot, an FBI agent undergoes a face-transplant surgery and assumes the identity and physical appearance of a ruthless terrorist, but the plan backfires when the same criminal impersonates the cop with the same method.

Face to Face
1967, 91 min
Directed by Sergio Sollima
Starring Gian Maria Volonte, Tomas Milian, William Berger

A Spaghetti Western allegory about the rise of European fasiscm and an eerie psychological tale of doppelgangers.

Fade to Black
1980, 102 min
Directed byVernon Zimmerman
Starring Dennis Christopher, Tim Thomerson, Gwynne Gilford | See full cast and crew »

A shy, lonely, film geek goes on a killing spree against those who bully and browbeat him, while at the same time, he stalks his idol; a Marilyn Monroe look-alike.

1998, 69 min
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Starring Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw, Lucy Russell

A young writer who follows strangers for material is one day followed himself by a thief who takes him under his doppelganger wing.

1976, 108 min
Directed by
Richard T. Heffron
Starring Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner, Arthur Hill

Two years removed from a scandal that cost several lives, the Delos company has spent billions on safety updates and revamping their resort, Futureworld. Reporters Chuck Browning and Tracy Ballard are sent to cover the reopening, but an insider leads the pair to believe the attraction is not what it seems. Feigning interest with Delos head Dr. Duffy they try to get to the bottom of his nefarious agenda, which involves robots and human cloning.

1967, 75 min
Directed by Adachi Masao

Deeply influenced by surrealism, each of the film’s gestures pulls the viewer further into a dreamscape where reality and imagination are inseparable and logics of continuity, sense and oscillation in emotion are constantly refracted in different directions. The narrative is nearly impenetrable; the meshed storyline is entirely subsumed in the nameless protagonist’s subconscious as he attempts to navigate his inner psyche, which has become a mercurial realm where space and time constantly redefine themselves. In his perplexed state, he encounters a doppelgänger, his father dressed in Buddhist attire and his girlfriend, whose size varies from normal to monstrous, and they all have a go at explaining where and what he is, only to cast darker shadows of mystery on the enigma.

1990, 127 min
Directed by Jerry Zucker
Starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg

Sam and Molly are a very happy couple and deeply in love. Walking back to their new apartment after a night out at the theatre, they encounter a thief in a dark alley, and Sam is murdered. He finds himself trapped as a ghost and realises that his death was no accident. He must warn Molly about the danger that she is in. But as a ghost he can not be seen or heard by the living, and so he tries to communicate with Molly through Oda Mae Brown, a psychic who didn't even realise that her powers were real.

Golowin geht durch die Stadt
1940, 83 min
Directed by Robert A. Stemmle
Starring Carl Raddatz, Anneliese Uhlig, Leo Slezak

A man passes through a small town who looks like a person who has passed away some time ago.

Good Copy Bad Copy
2007, 59 min
Directed by Ralf Christensen, Andreas Johnsen

A documentary about copyright and culture.

Grosse Fatigue
1994, 92 min
Directed by Michel Blanc
Starring Michel Blanc, Carole Bouquet, Philippe Noiret

What is going on here?!? French director, Michel Blanc (as Himself), just doesn't understand why his life is suddenly falling apart. This nightmarish comedy-thriller is all about identity. What defines a famous person? Is it their public self or their private self? What is the public's legitimate claim on their fame? With the glitterati of French Cinema starring as themselves, the anonymous faces in the audience gain a glimpse into the downside of public recognition.

Guys and Dolls
2007, 50 min
Directed by Nick Holt

A documentary about the men who use sophisticated life-size dolls for sexual satisfaction and more – such as dates, affection and lifelong companionship. Featuring a young American man who gives his doll daily massages in the home he shares with his disapproving Mum and Dad; a British man who takes his doll out on day trips to the coast where she watches him hang- glide; and two Americans who live with multiple dolls, one of whom shares his eight synthetic lovers with his human girlfriend.

2013, 126 min
Directed bt Spike Jonze
Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson

A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that's designed to meet his every need.

Hidden Homicide
1959, 70 min
Directed by Anthony Young
Starring Griffith Jones, Patricia Laffan, James Kenney

In this thriller, a novelist is quite upset to discover himself awakening with a gun in his hand. He is more dismayed to find a dead relative nearby. Now he wonders: did he do it? He is assisted by a lady hitchhiker in discovering that the real killer is a female impersonator.

His Double Life
1933, 68 min
Directed by Arthur Hopkins
Starring Roland Young, Lillian Gish, Montagu Love

Priam Farrel is a celebrated artist but a social recluse. When his valet dies of a sudden illness, a mix-up leads to the body being identified as Farrel's. The timid artist then assumes the identity of his former servant, but finds himself faced with constant dilemmas as a result.

Holly Motors
2012, 115 in
Directed by Leos Carax
Starring Denis Lavant, Edith Scob, Eva Mendes

Horrors of the Malformed Men (Kyôfu kikei ningen: Edogawa Rampo zenshû)
Directed by Teruo Ishii
Starring Teruo Yoshida, Yukie Kagawa, Teruko Yumi

After escaping from an insane asylum, a young medical student takes on the ide4ntity of a dead man to discover the true identity of a man whose picture he saw in a newspaper--who is his exact double. His investigation leads him to a remote island where he discovers a sinister laboratory where a crazed scientist is performing gruesome experiments on live humans--and that his own family has a connection to the scientist.

House of Wax
1953, 88 min
Directed by André De Toth
Starring Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk

An associate burns down a wax museum with the owner inside, but he survives only to become vengeful and murderous.

House of Wax
2005, 113 min
Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra
Starring Chad Michael Murray, Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert

A group of unwitting teens are stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit.

How to kill your neigbor’s dog
2000, 107 min
Directed by Michael Kalesniko
Starring Kenneth Branagh, Robin Wright, Suzi Hofrichter

Shy, chain-smoking, insomniac Peter McGowan is an L.A. playwright with a string of hits that preceded his current ten years of failed productions. His mother-in-law is sinking into senility, a stranger is meandering the neighborhood claiming to be him, neighbors have a new dog that barks all night; his wife wants to have a child, and he does not: he’s become impotent. He’s working on a new play when a single mom moves in next door with her 8-year-old daughter. His wife immediately invites the girl into the McGowan household. Will this child stir Peter’s paternal feelings? Will she also help him get his dialogue right? And what of his doppelganger and the neighbor’s dog?

How to get a head in advertising
1989, 90 min
Directed by Bruce Robinson
Starring Richard E. Grant, Rachel Ward, Richard Wilson

A successful art director of burns out due to an assignment for a boil advertisment he is unable to realize. Struggle is paired with a principal doubt of continuing to make „the people wanting to buy what they already have“. One day the boil hits back as a growing thing at his neck that speaks. While going into psychanalysis and surgical operation his Dr Jeckl/Mr Hyde doppelganger completley takes over. „Its not the boil who can read you, its you who can read the boil. You can read it because it is you, at least a part of you...You have given it the side you find intolerable, bulling, agressive, dictatorial,..the side that sells touth paste and soap. You have decided that selling these things is a bad thing to do and you are unable to accept the guilt for what you have done.....Therfore you have transmitted these qualities into the eboil...hoping to escape the guilt. But he would have installed his own big brother.“

I am a Cyborg, but that’s Ok (Ssa-i-bo-geu-ji-man-gwen-chan-a)
2006, 105 min
Directed by Chan-wook Park
Starring Su-jeong Lim, Rain, Hie-jin Choi |

A girl who thinks she is a combat cyborg checks into a mental hospital, where she encounters other psychotics. Eventually, she falls for a man who thinks he can steal people's souls.

2003, 90 min
Directed by James Mangold
Starring John Cusack, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet

In a dark and stormy night 10 guests are stranded at a motel. One by one, they die.
In a parallel narrative the story intercuts a hearing for a man convicted of several savage murders. The accussed suffers a multiple split personality.

Un Idiot Qui Se Croit Max Linder
Directed by Romeo Bosetti, Lucien Nonguet
Starring Max Linder, Romeo Bosetti

Auguste is cured. The doctor at the asylum said so. Delighted, his mother gives him a few coins so he can go out for a little entertainment. Auguste settles in a cinema to admire the great Max Linder. Enthused by the film, he goes off with the movie poster to make himself a suit like the star's. With a false visiting card, he goes to an agent, who sends him to the Comica film company. But the charming man is going to make a terrible mistake on his way…

1992, 100 min
Directed by Victor Kulle
Starring Robert Carradine, Heather Locklear, Emma Samms

A woman recovering from a nervous breakdown, feels threatened by her husband's relationship with his sister.

2004, 95 min
Directed by Gary Fleder
Starring Shane Brolly, Vincent D'Onofrio, Gary Sinise

Based on the Philip K. Dick short story of the same name, it follows the lead character Spencer Olham's quest to regain his identity after being suspected as an alien android, in an future Earth at war with aliens that use the androids as bombs to destroy their enemies homeworlds.

The Impersonator
1961, 64 min
Directed by Alfred Shaughnessy
Starring John Crawford, Jane Griffiths, Patricia Burke

In a small English town a schoolmistress meets a sergeant from the nearby U.S. airforce base and they decide on a date. When they miss each other at a cafe as arranged, a train of events is set in motion culminating in the murder of a woman in the local park, and things look bad for the American.

Into the Mirror (Geoul sokeuro)
2003, 113 min
Directed by Sung-ho Kim
Starring Ji-tae Yu, Myung-min Kim, Hye-na Kim

An ex-cop now working as a security guard in a shopping mall tries to uncover the secret behind a series of mysterious deaths linked to mirrors. When an employee dies after hours in the store, Woo leads an internal investigation, while detective Ha Hyun-Su that blames Woo for the death of his friend Young-ho, and his assistant Park, come to the store to lead an official investigation. When other employees that worked in the same department are mysteriously killed in the store, Woo meets Lee Ji-hyun, the twin sister of Lee Jeong-hyun, that convinces him that her sister has not died in the fire.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
1978, 115 min
Directed by Philip Kaufman
Starring Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Jeff Goldblum

The first remake of the paranoid infiltration classic moves the setting for the invasion from a small town to the city of San Fransisco and starts as Matthew Bennell notices that several of his friends are complaining that their close relatives are in some way different. When questioned later they themselves seem changed as they deny everything or make lame excuses. As the invaders increase in number they become more open and Bennell, who has by now witnessed an attempted "replacement" realises that he and his friends must escape or suffer the same fate. But who can he trust to help him and who has already been snatched?

Johnny Handsome
1989, 94 min
Directed by Walter Hill
Starring Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, Elizabeth McGovern

John Sedley is a man with a disfigured face, mocked by others as "Johnny Handsome." He and a friend are double-crossed by two accomplices in a crime, Sunny Boyd and her partner Rafe and a judge sends Johnny to jail, where he vows to get even once he gets out. A surgeon named Fisher is looking for a guinea pig so he can attempt an experimental procedure in cosmetic surgery. Johnny, figuring he has nothing to lose, is given a new, nearly unrecognizable face before he is released back into society.
Lt. Drones a dour New Orleans law enforcement officer, is not fooled by Johnny's new look or new life, even when Johnny lands an honest job and begins seeing Donna McCarty a respectable woman who knows little of his past. The lieutenant tells Johnny right to his changed face that, on the inside, Johnny is still a hardened criminal and always will be.

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (Doppelgänger)
1969, 101 min
Directed by Robert Parrish
Starring Roy Thinnes, Ian Hendry, Patrick Wymark

A planet is discovered in the same orbit as Earth's but is located on the exact opposite side of the sun, making it not visible from Earth. The European Space Exploration Council decide to send American astronaut Glenn Ross and British scientist John Kane via spaceship to explore the other planet. After a disastrous crash-landing Ross awakes to learn that Kane lies near death and that they apparently have returned to Earth, as evidenced by the presence of the Council director and his staff. Released to the custody of his wife, he soon learns things are not as they seem. All aspects of life on the planet – from the print in books to the plan of his apartment – are reversed.

Kuroneko (Yabu no naka no kuroneko)
1968, 99 min
Directed by Kaneto Shindô
Starring Kichiemon Nakamura, Nobuko Otowa, Kei Satô

The film is loosely based on the Japanese folktale “The Cat’s Return” — a mother and daughter-in-law (Nobuko Otowa and Kiwako Taichi) are raped and murdered by pillagers, but return from the dead as vampiric cat spirits intent on revenge. As the ghosts lure soldiers into the bamboo groves, a fearless samurai, Gintoki (Kichiemon Nakamura), is sent to stop their reign of terror.

Kukushi Muso
Directed by Mansaku Itami
Starring Shuichiro Atsumi, Junzaburô Ban, Chiezo Kataoka

Kokushi muso (The Greatest Man in the World, 1932), a renowned swordsman is defeated by a humble impostor who has been using his name. The swordsman, Ise no Kami, retreats into the mountains to train while his daughter fawns over the impostor, who spends most of his time fishing. When Ise no Kami returns for another match, the impostor defeats him again, taking the swordsman's daughter as his prize. Although the film has been lost (a 21-min fragment exists -- mnauce), the script survives as evidence of Itami's satiric wit.

L'homme de nulle part (Man from Nowhere)
1937, 92 min
Directed by Pierre Chenal
Starring Pierre Blanchar, Isa Miranda, Catherine Fonteney

Mathias Pascal, saddled with a stupid wife and a nagging mother-in-law, leaves home and is extremely lucky at several gambling resorts. He returns home and discovers that a
drowned man, fished out of the river, bears an uncanny likeness to him and is being buried by his family as him. This, to him, is a pleasant turn of events and he goes to Rome, where he falls in love with Louise Paleari. Count Papiano, a jealous suitor of Louise's, threatens him with arrest unless he produces credentials to prove his identity.

La contrafigura
1971, 88 min
Directed by Romolo Guerrieri
Starring Jean Sorel, Lucia Bosé, Ewa Aulin | See full cast and crew »

La doppia ora [2009] x delete
La Froniere de l’aube
la glade a trios faces, the three sided mirror
Lake Mungo
Last Year in Marienbad
Laurel and Hardy, Die Doppelgaenger

The Lookalike
1990, 100 min
Directed by Gary Nelson
Starring Melissa Gilbert, Diane Ladd, Frances Lee McCain

A film about a woman, Gina, grieving about her child who she lost in an accident, when she one day recognizes her daughter in a girl. Confused and frightene she seeks out her mysterious friend Mikos, a former wax figure maker, who helps in her search but also fears a confrontation with the doppelganger.

The Lookalike
2014, 100 min
Directed by Richard Gray
Starring Justin Long, Gillian Jacobs, John Corbett

Drug lord William Spinks has a curious obsession with Sadie Hill and uses family friends Bobby and Frank to get to her. But when Sadie's death jeopardizes a major deal, Bobby and Frank set out to find a replacement, a lookalike to fool Spinks. The shady plan propels an ex-basketball champion, a deaf beauty, an addict, and an aspiring actress into an unlikely romance and a desperate quest to start over.

Lo Specchio Del Piacere (Le Miroir Obscene Al otro lado del espejo)
1982, 79 min
Directed by Jesús Franco
Starring Emma Cohen, Philippe Lemaire, Françoise Brion

A nightclub singer is haunted by the ghost of her late father. The dead man summons her through a mirror, forcing her to commit a series of violent crimes.

1978, 107 min
Directed by Richard Attenborough
Starring Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret, Burgess Meredith

Anthony Hopkins plays Corky, a seedy magician who is hooted off the stage in the low-rent clubs that will stoop to hire him. But when he comes across a dummy named Fats, his career is energized. Corky sees in Fats everything he lacks himself -- confidence, creativity, and verbal agility. With the help of his agent Ben Greene, Corky rises to the top of the nightclub circuit. But with Corky's success comes an increased paranoia, and he turns down a TV contract, believing that it would mean taking a medical examination and that rumors of his mental instability might leak out. Corky takes off to a Catskills resort, run by Peggy Ann Snow, an old girlfriend now unhappily married to a volatile hick. While a frustrated Ben high tails it to the Catskills to find Corky, Corky discovers that he still has feelings for Peggy, but lands in the middle of a love triangle between the woman and her husband, where his schizophrenic personality manifests itself and additional murders occur.

Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story
2004, 87 min
Directed by Allan Moyle
Starring Flex Alexander, Eugene Clark, Amy Sloan

Chronicles the rise and fall of pop king Michael Jackson.

Mister Lonely
2007, 112 min
Directed by Harmony Korine
Starring Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, Denis Lavant, Werner Herzog

A movie about a Michael Jackson impersonator living in Paris who's down on his luck. He meets a meets a Marilyn Monroe, who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple.Together they want to put on a show in hopes that the world will come see them perform.

2009, 97 min
Directed by Duncan Jones
Starring Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott

The debut film of Duncan Jones (David Bowies son), Moon is set in a future where space stations are manned by clones of humans. The clones collect and ship a valuable energy resource to Earth. Each time an employee expires the space station is programmed to awaken the next clone. When Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) goes on a recon mission for the space station he works on, he crashes his moon rover and slips into a coma. After the space station awakens his next clone Sam comes back out of the coma and finds himself face to face with his new clone…

Mosquito der Schänder (Mosquito the Rapist)
1977. 90 min
Directed by Marijan Vajda
Starring Werner Pochath, Ellen Umlauf, Birgit Zamulo

A deaf and dumb accountant suffers from a psychic trauma in his childhood. He is collecting puppets and mutilates female bodies in the mortuary, drinks the blood of dead women through a glass straw and gouges out their eyeball. After his secret love, reminiscent to E.T.A. Hofmans Olimpia, died by an accident he starts to kill.

MPD Psycho (Tajuu jinkaku tantei saiko)
2000, 54 min
Directed by Takeshi Miike
Starring Naoki Hosaka, Tomoko Nakajima, Ren Ôsugi

Yosuke Kobayashi, a detective assigned on a homicide unit, saw his wife killed by a serial killer, Shinji Nishizono. From a shock he suffered MPD (multiple personality disorder) and became Kazuhiko Amamiya. Soon after he managed to hunt down and killed the murderer of his wife, new series of murders have occurred and the suspects claimed to be Shinji Nishizono himself. Is it really him? Or a copycat? And who is Kazuhiko Amamiya?

Mr. Sadman
2009, 86 min
Directed by Patrick Epino
Starring Al No'mani, Scoot McNairy, Rudy Ramos

In 1990, before the First Gulf War, Mounir, an impressionable and sheltered Saddam Hussein body-double, loses his job and moves to Los Angeles in search of a new start. But once the real Saddam invades Kuwait and makes international headlines, Mounir learns the truth about the Iraqi dictator and vows to shed his Saddam persona forever. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to be anyone else and desperatley trying to impersonate film characters such as Bruse Lee or Taxi Driver.

Mulholland Drive
2001, 147 min
Directed by
David Lynch
Starring Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux

After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesiac, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality. The doppelgänger of multiple characters played by the same actors. A director named Adam Kesher, the mysterious night club Silencio and a blue box initiate Rita's disappearance and Diane's real life.

1996, 117 min
Directed by Harold Ramis
Starring Michael Keaton, Andie MacDowell, Zack Duhame

A man who never has enough time for the things he wants to do is offered the opportunity to have himself duplicated.

My 20th century (Azz én XX. századom)
1989, 102 min
Directed by Ildikó Enyedi
Starring Dorota Segda, Oleg Yankovskiy, Paulus Manker

Surreal narrative that retells the story of the 20th century as a fable. Starring Lili and Dora, identical twins born in Hungary on the night of Edison's publicity stunt in which he lit the trees in Menlo park in New Jersey with lightbulbs. The girls are separated at childhood and adopted by different families. The film follows both women one a feminist anarchist and the other a hedonist trickster.

Myra Breckinridge
1970, 94 min
Directed by Michael Sarne
Starring  Mae West, John Huston, Raquel Welch

Myron Breckinridge is waiting for her sex-change operation while a stoned surgeon stumbles into the operating room. Before the drugged doctor begins Myron's operation, he counsels her. Myron persists and the doctor goes through with it. An enthusiastic audience observing the operation applauds the medical achievement and rises in a standing ovation. After the operation, Myron arrives in Hollywood as Myra while in the rest of the film Myron pops up from time to time as Myra's alter ego.

Mystery of the Wax Museum
1933, 77 min
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Starring Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell

The disappearance of people and corpses leads a reporter to a wax museum and a sinister sculptor.

Naked Rashomon (Showa onnamichi)
1972, 73 min
Directed by Chûsei Sone
Starring Hitomi Kozue, Eimei Esumi, Hiroshi Chô

Hideaki Ezumi stars as a powerful marquis named Katsuragawa, whose prostitute mistress bears him twins. Being that twins are considered bad luck, the babies are separated at birth, with Ezumi raising the boy and Kozue raising the girl. Nineteen years pass, and the blissfully ignorant twins (also played by Ezumi and Kozue) meet and fall in love. By coincidence, Kozue just happens to be a prostitute like her mother, and the cycle continues.

Nightmare in Wax
1969, 89 min
Directed by Bud Townsend
Starring Cameron Mitchell, Anne Helm, Scott Brady

Nightmare in Wax is a 1969 horror film. Cameron Mitchell plays Vince Rinaud, a former film special effects artist who is disfigured by a rival for the affections of a woman. Leaving the film industry, Vince becomes a recluse and opens a wax museum, which he fills with his trophees of revenge, which are nothing than just fake copies - they are the originals in flesh without blood.  Missing filmstars in his hall of fame are paralyzed bodies, frozen to living dead puppets.

Noriko's Dinner Table (Noriko no shokutaku)
2005, 159 min
Directed by Shion Sono
Starring Kazue Fukiishi, Tsugumi, Yuriko Yoshitaka

A companion piece to his Jissatsu Saakuru (Suicide Club), Sono offers Noriko no Shokutaku, and continues to plunge into the themes of alienation, identity and meaning (or lack thereof) that Suicide Club confronted so head-on. The plot of Noriko no Shokutaku has as a central reference the mass suicide of Jissatsu, but the film approaches their common themes and issues in a more subtle, emotional broiler-pot manner, such that the ending scene of Noriko is powerfully climactic. Whilst this is no masterpiece, it is for me a must-watch, one of the more affective (with an 'a') films that lets us explore meaning and identity, its construction and destruction, through the distance between "Who you are" and "Who you want to be".

1976, 98 min
Directed by Brian De Palma
Starring Cliff Robertson, Geneviève Bujold, John Lithgow

Written by Palma and Paul Schreade the story could be seen as another Vertigo theme inspiration. A man who loses the woman he loves sees her reincarnated in another woman.

Of Freaks and Men (Pro urodov i lyudey)
1998, 93 min
Directed by
Aleksey Balabanov
Starring Sergey Makovetskiy, Dinara Drukarova, Anzhelika Nevolina

Set in the early years of the twentieth century the film comments on the decline of Russian society as a result of the rise of capitalism. The film centered on two families and their decline at the hands of one man, Johann, Siamese twins and his pornographic endeavours.

1983, 80 min
Directed by Ulli Lommel
Starring Suzanna Love, Robert Walker Jr., Jeff Winchester

The movie reminds of Brian de Palmas film "Obsession". Directed by Ulli Lommel, once member of Rainer Werner Fassbinders actor group.
An American engineer in London, who is helping to dismantle the London Bridge to be transported to Arizona, strikes up an acquaintanceship with a young British woman. Several years later he happens to be at the bridge's new location and sees the woman again--but this time she's a real estate agent there, doesn't have a British accent and doesn't recognize him. Identity-switch trouble-personality killer-love story – combining two places with two personalities, both of which essentially having been one from the very beginning.

On the Double
1961, 92 min
Directed by Melville Shavelson
Starring Danny Kaye, Dana Wynter, Wilfrid Hyde-White

American GI Ernie Williams, admittedly weak-kneed, has an uncanny resemblance to British Colonel MacKenzie. Williams, also a master of imitation and disguise, is asked to impersonate the Colonel, ostensibly to allow the Colonel to make a secret trip East. What Williams is not told is that the Colonel has recently been a target of assassins. After the Colonel's plane goes down, the plan changes and Williams maintains the disguise to confuse the Nazis about D-Day.

1964, 103 min
Directed by
Kaneto Shindô
Starring Nobuko Otowa, Jitsuko Yoshimura, Kei Satô

Two women kill samurai and sell their belongings for a living. While one of them is having an affair with their neighbor, the other woman meets a mysterious samurai wearing a bizarre mask.

Orlacs Hände (The Hands of Orlac)
1924, 92 min
Directed by Robert Wiene
Starring Conrad Veidt, Alexandra Sorina, Fritz Kortner

The movie in the style of German Expressionism is based on a novel by medical-horror novelist Maurice Renard. It charts the mental disintegration of a concert pianist whose hands are amputated after a train crash, and replaced with the hands of an executed murderer. When Orlac’s father is murdered by the dead man’s hands, Orlac begins a steady descent toward madness.

1968, 105 min
Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci
Starring  Pierre Clémenti, Tina Aumont, Sergio Tofano

Bernardo Bertolucci, along with co-scenarist Gianni Amico, used Dostoievski's 1846, pre-imprisonment novella The Double: A Petersburg Poem, which they moved to Italy and updated to the pro-Vietcong student-protest present. Devastated by an unrequited love, unassuming drama teacher Giacobbe considers suicide but instead embraces his alter ego, a wild revolutionary. As their roles are gradually reversed—the entire world of the film plays with notions of duality and reproduction.

Peeping Tom
1960, 101 min
Directed by Michael Powell
Starring Karlheinz Böhm, Anna Massey, Moira Shearer

Mark Lewis, works as a focus puller in a British film studio. On his off hours, he supplies a local porno shop with cheesecake photos and also dabbles in filmmaking. A lonely, unfriendly, sexually repressed fellow, Mark is obsessed with the effects of fear and how they are registered on the face and behavior of the frightened. This obsession dates from the time when, as a child, he served as the subject of some cold-blooded experiments in the psychology of terror conducted by his own scientist father. As a grown man, Mark becomes a compulsive murderer who kills women and records their contorted features and dying gasps on film. His ongoing project is a documentary on fear. With 16mm camera in hand, he accompanies a prostitute to her room and stabs her with a blade concealed in his tripod, all the while photographing her contorted face in the throes of terror and death. Alone in his room, he surrounds himself with the sights and sounds of terror: taped screams, black-and-white "home movies" of convulsed faces. At his house, he meets Helen Stephens, a young woman who lives with her blind mother in a downstairs flat. She visits his flat, where he shows her black-and-white films that were taken of him when he was a child. She is horrified to see that his father used him as a guinea pig in various experiments, taking movies of his reactions of fear.

Perfect Blue (Pafekuto buru)
1997, 81 min
Directed by Satoshi Kon
Starring Junko Iwao, Rica Matsumoto, Shinpachi Tsuji

Mima leaves the idol group CHAM, in order to pursue her dream as an actress. Mima climbs up the rocky road to success by performing as rape victims and posing nude for magazines, but is haunted by her reflections of the past.

Performance Myself
By Takahiko Iimura

„This DVD is produced with "myself" as the sole object as well as the material of the performance except two videos with Akiko iimura.  The video is not just a document of the performance but a work of video-art made specifically for video utilizing the video system including camera and monitor as a part of the performance. The video also questions the identity of oneself in video having tense relationships between words and images, and asks who is "I" and what "I" means.

In the first, "Self Identity," I said in front of the camera, "I am Takahiko iimura," and "I am not Takahiko iimura," alternately. Does it sound like a ZEN-MONDO, a question and answer session of Zen monks? Yes, and no. The key of the piece is the former announced with the voice synchronized with the picture and the latter without synchronization, the voice only. Next, "Double Identity" is set in a similar context with two monitors, in which the same person in frontal view appears, facing himself. They both claim "I am T.I.," then yield to each other, at the end both denying the identity themselves. It is subtitled "On turning the Double Negative to the Positive." It suggests that only the viewer receives the positive, not the person in the monitor who is not able to hear what the other said. "Double Portrait" and "I Love You" are a paired piece with Akiko iimura. Both iimuras play individually and as a unit. In "Double Portrait" they are never together, but one by one in three points of view, front, side, and back, assigned to the words "I", "You" and "He"/"She" respectively. They identify their own names positively and negatively one after the other. The pronouns rotate with every repetition, for instance, in front view with "You," then "He/She" and back to "I." Often the words are destroyed acoustically, making them unintelligible. Are you confused? "I Love You" is not an expression of confession, but a series of words -- a linguistic practice using a sentence "I love you" in which pronouns alternate reference to subject and object (called a 'shifter' by linguist Roman Jakobson) based on the positions of speaker and listener. The reverberating effect in the sound multiplies the actors' overlapping words and the male and female voices are dubbed over the image of the other gender.“

1970, 105 min
Directed by Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg
Starring James Fox, Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg

After a murder a former member of an east London gang assumes a new name, Johnny Dean and appears at the house of Turner (Mick Jagger), makes a clumsy attempt to ingratiate himself with Pherber (Anita Pallenberg), one of the female inhabitants and moves in.

1966, 85 min
Directed by Ingmar Bergman
Starring Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Margaretha Krook

A young nurse, Alma (ital.,span.: the spirit soul), is put in charge of an actress Elisabeth Vogler: an actress who is seemingly healthy in all respects, but will not talk. As they spend time together, Alma speaks to Elisabeth constantly, never receiving any answer. Alma eventually confesses her secrets to a seemingly sympathetic Elisabeth and finds that her own personality is being submerged into Elisabeth's persona.

Pirated Copy (Man Yan)
2004, 90 min
Directed by Jianjun He
Starring Bo Yu, Yamei Wang, Xiaoguang Hu

A portrait of contemporary Chinese society based on the ubiquitous illegal trade in pirated D.V.D.s.

Plein Soleil (Purple Moon)
1960, 118 min
Directed by René Clément
Starring Alain Delon, Maurice Ronet, Marie Laforêt

Purple Noon is adapted from Patricia Highsmith's novel The Talented Mr. Ripley. Alain Delon as Tom Ripley is sent to Europe by Mr. Greenleaf to fetch his spoiled, playboy son, Philippe, and bring him back home to the States. In return, Tom will receive $5,000. Philippe toys with Tom, pretending he will go back home, but has no intentions of leaving his bride to be, Marge, and honoring his father's wishes. After some time passes, Mr. Greenleaf considers the mission a failure and cuts Tom off. Tom, in desperation, kills Philippe, assumes his identity, and maintains to live the life of a rich playboy for a while.

Plus One (+1)
2013, 95 min
Directed by Dennis Iliadis
Starring Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw

Three college friends hit the biggest party of the year, where a mysterious phenomenon connected to a landed meteorite, disrupts the night, quickly descending into a chaos and death by duplicating time and space.

Portrait of Jennie
1948, 86 min
Directed by William Dieterle
Starring Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore

In 1934, impoverished painter Eben Adams (Joseph Cotten) meets a fey little girl named Jennie Appleton (Jennifer Jones) in Central Park, New York. She is wearing old-fashioned clothing. He makes a sketch of her from memory which involves him with art dealer Miss Spinney (Ethel Barrymore), who sees potential in him. This inspires him to paint a "Portrait Of Jennie". Eben encounters Jennie at intermittent intervals. Strangely, she appears to be growing up much more rapidly than is possible. He soon falls in love with her, but is puzzled by the fact that she seems to be experiencing events that he discovers took place many years previously as if they had just happened. He sets out to investigate but does not reveal what he discovers to anyone, and is puzzled by what he finds.

2009, 85 min
Directed by Joel Bergvall, Simon Sandquist
Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lee Pace, Tuva Novotny, Michael Landes, Chelah Horsdal

Possession is an American adaptation of the Korean film Addicted.
Cheesy remake, full of cliches about two brothers, love and relationship. A looser kind of tough guy envies his brother and desires his girlfriend. After the two brothers crashed their cars frontal into each other the film suggests a soul transfer at the scene of accident before they both fall into coma.  The tough brother awakes and claims to be the other.

Pretty Things (Les jolies choses)

2001, 105 min
Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner
Starring Marion Cotillard, Stomy Bugsy, Patrick Bruel

Lucie and Marie are twin sisters with a love-hate relationship, their personalities completely opposed. Lucie is an extroverted pin-up model, drawn to Paris seeking fame and dragged into a world of sex, drugs and danger. Marie is a quiet, reserved and austere. Both sisters are haunted by their long-standing childhood competition for the affections of their cruel, emotionally distant father. However, when Lucie's modeling connections lead to an exclusive recording contract offer despite the fact that she cannot sing, Lucie is forced to seek out Marie, who possesses a good singing voice, to perform in her place. Marie reluctantly agrees, but when she returns from the performance she finds that Lucie has committed suicide, leaving her no choice but to assume Lucie's name. As Marie's own fame skyrockets, she spirals uncontrollably further downward into the secrets of Lucie's dark life and finds a hidden side of herself.

2004, 77 min
Directed by Shane Carruth
Starring Shane Carruth, David Sullivan, Casey Gooden

At night and on weekends, four men in a suburban garage have built a cottage industry of error-checking devices. But, they know that there is something more. There is some idea, some mechanism, some accidental side effect that is standing between them and a pure leap of innovation.

Reconstrution (Reconstituirea)
1968, 100 min
Directed by  Lucian Pintilie
Starring George Constantin, Emil Botta, George Mihaita

A prosecutor, policemen and teacher bring the students Vuica and Nicu to a restaurant to re-enact their drunken brawl there, and have it filmed to show the effects of alcoholism. Immediately banned in Communist Romania.

Return from the Ashes
1965, 104 min
Directed by J. Lee Thompson
Starring Maximilian Schell, Samantha Eggar, Ingrid Thulin

Set in flashback in pre-war Paris and in the present in post-war Paris, the story concerns a doctor, Michele, hopelessly in love with Stanislaus

Stanislaus doesn't pretend to love Michele, an X-ray technician - he likes her, but what he loves is her money. They marry, but because she's Jewish, she's picked up and sent to Dachau. During the time she's gone, her husband becomes involved with her now grown-up albeit unstable stepdaughter Fabienne. After the war ends, and Michele doesn't return, Fabienne and Stan assume she's dead. However Michele is alive, but had to go to a sanitarium after the war to recover from her horrendous experiences in the camp. She's scarred and aged, and when she finally returns to Paris, she stays in a hotel and turns to an old colleague, Charles to fix her up. When Fabienne spots what she thinks is a Michele-lookalike (actually Michele), she comes up with a plan to have her stepmother return from the dead, with the imposter taking a cut.

Santa Sangre
1989, 123 min
Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Starring Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Guy Stockwell

A young man is confined in a mental hospital. Through a flashback we see that he was traumatized as a child, when he and his family were circus performers: he saw his father cut off the arms of his mother, a religious fanatic and leader of the heretical church of Santa Sangre ("Holy Blood"), and then commit suicide. Back in the present, he escapes and rejoins his surviving and armless mother. Against his will, he "becomes her arms" and the two undertake a grisly campaign of murder and revenge.

1980, 129 min
Directed by David Paulsen
Starring Klaus Kinski, Donna Wilkes, Marianna Hill

Julie is an advice columnist for the city newspaper who begins to receive anonymous notes threatening murder and worse. At about the same time, female members of the group therapy session she attends are being stabbed, one by one, by an unknown assailant. Is there a connection? If so, why do the notes talk about murder with a gun, while the murder victims are being stabbed?

1996, 96 min
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Starring Steven Soderbergh, Scott Allen, Betsy Brantley

Fletcher Munson, the lethargic employee of a pseudo-religious self help company, and his doppelganger, the friendly but dull dentist Dr. Jeffrey Korchek.

1973, 93 min
Directed by Brian De Palma
Starring Margot Kidder, Jennifer Salt, Charles Durning

A journalist witnesses a brutal murder in a neighboring apartment, but the police do not believe that the crime took place. With the help of a private detective, she seeks out the truth.

Soft Beds, Hard Battles
1974, 107 min
Directed by Roy Boulting
Starring Peter Sellers, Lila Kedrova, Curd Jürgens
A comedy film starring Peter Sellers in several roles. Sellers reunited with the Boulting brothers for this farce in which a brothel full of ladies helps the war effort by ridding the world of Nazi peril - in the bedroom

1972, 167 min
Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky
Starring Natalya Bondarchuk, Donatas Banionis, Jüri Järvet

The Solaris mission has established a base on a planet that appears to host some kind of intelligence, but the details are hazy and very secret. After the mysterious demise of one of the three scientists on the base, the main character is sent out to replace him. He finds the station run-down and the two remaining scientists cold and secretive. When he encounters a phyical appearance of his wife who has been dead for ten years, he begins to appreciate the baffling doubling nature of the alien intelligence.

2002, 99 min
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Starring George Clooney, Natascha McElhone, Ulrich Tukur

1993, 114 min
Directed by Jon Amiel
Starring Richard Gere, Jodie Foster, Bill Pullman

Set in the south of the United States just after the Civil War, Laurel Sommersby is just managing to work the farm without her husband Jack, believed killed in the Civil War. By all accounts, Jack Sommersby was not a pleasant man, thus when he returns, Laurel has mixed emotions. It appears that Jack has changed a great deal, leading some people to believe that this is not actually Jack but an impostor. Laurel herself is unsure, but willing to take the man into her home, because perhaps this double is the better Jack.

Statues Also Die (Les Statues meurent aussi)
1953, 30 min
Directed by Chris Marker, Alain Resnais

In their 1953 black-and-white film, Marker and Resnais address a history of cultural theft and exploitation on the example of African sculptures, which appear dramatically lit in a black space. Here, the spiritual fetish objects become commodified and banalized when taken out of their cultural or ritual context and presented in the ethnographical collections of European museums, further reduced in meaning through endless replicas to feed the Western market with “African” arts and crafts.

In a silent 16mm film with the same title in five chapters, the artist Sascha Pohle portraits the empty packaging material of electronic devises. Pohle reverses the shift in meaning by presenting the industrial garbage of today’s commodity fetishes as if they were archeological finds or ethnographical artifacts; their concave and convex forms mimicking African masks, animal totems or Pre-Columbian statues.

Stolen Identity
1953, 88 min
Directed by Gunther von Fritsch
Starring Donald Buka, Joan Camden, Francis Lederer

A Vienna cabdriver impersonates an American businessman shot to death in his taxicab.

Strange Impersonation
1946, 68 min
Directed by Anthony Mann
Starring Brenda Marshall, William Gargan, Hillary Brooke

A research scientist conducting experiments on a new anaesthetic finds herself being blackmailed by a women she accidentally knocked down with her car; the woman wasn't hurt, but a scheming attorney has convinced her she can get a lot of money for the "accident." Meanwhile, the scientist's research assistant, who is in love with her boss' boyfriend, arranges for an explosion in the laboratory that disfigures the scientist's face, in order to take the boyfriend away from her. The scientist has plastic surgery to make her look like the woman who tried to blackmail her - who while struggling with the scientist fell out of a window and was killed - and determines to get back her boyfriend and punish her scheming assistant.

1993, 96 min
Directed by Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Starring Dennis Haysbert, Mel Harris, Sab Shimono

Brothers Vincent (rich) and Clay (poor) meet up for the first time after their father's funeral and remark on how similar they look. But unknown to Clay, who thinks his life is taking a turn for the better, Vince is actually plotting to kill him with a car bomb and pass the corpse off as his own, planning to start a new life elsewhere with his father's inheritance. But Clay survives the blast and has his face, memory and identity restored in hospital... but are they the right ones?

Take Two
1988, 101 min
Directed by Peter Rowe
Starring Grant Goodeve, Robin Mattson, Frank Stallone

On her deathbed a woman tells her son that 30 years before she had been a surrogate mother for a millionaire, and that he is that baby's identical twin. He goes to Los Angeles to try and get some of the inheritance, but his brother refuses to even talk to him. So he gets an apartment across from his brother and begins a stakeout as he writes a tabloid story about it, and begins to fall in love from a distance with his brother's wife.

2005, 108 min
Directed by Takeshi Kitano
Starring Takeshi Kitano, Kotomi Kyôno, Kayoko Kishimoto

Beat Takeshi, a prominent actor, meets a lookalike named Kitano, who is a struggling actor, but after the meeting, Kitano's dreams take a violent, surreal turn.

Taking Lives
2004, 103 min
Directed by D.J. Caruso
Starring Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Kiefer Sutherland

An FBI profiler is called in by French Canadian police to catch a serial killer who takes on the identity of each new victim.

Theater of Blood
1973, 104 min
Directed by Douglas Hickox
Starring Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry

A serial killer stalks London, targeting theater critics who he kills in methods inspired by Shakespeare plays. The police grow to suspect the killer is Edward Lionheart, an egotistical actor who leaped to his presumed death after being denied an important award, mainly due to his refusing to appear in any play not written by Shakespeare. The remaining critics and the police find themselves helpless to stop Lionheart's increasingly baroque revenge.

2002, 85 min
Directed by Lynn Hershman-Leeson
Starring Tilda Swinton, Jeremy Davies, James Urbaniak

Anxious to use artificial life to improve the world, Rosetta Stone, a bio-geneticist creates a Recipe for Cyborgs and uses her own DNA in order to breed three Self Replicating Automatons, part human, part computer named Ruby, Olive and Marine.

That Obscure Object Of Desire
1977, 102 min
Directed by Luis Buñuel
Starring Fernando Rey, Carole Bouquet, Ángela Molina

Just after boarding a train, much to the surprise of his fellow passengers, a man pours a bucket of water over a young girl on the platform. Over the next few hours he explains (and we see in flashback) how he became obsessed by her (so much so that he failed to notice that she was played by two different actresses, representing different sides of her personality), and how she tantalised him, but would never allow him to satisfy his desire for her...

The 6th Day
2000, 123 min
Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Rapaport, Tony Goldwyn

Futuristic action about a man who meets a clone of himself and stumbles into a grand conspiracy about clones taking over the world.

The Act of Killing
2012, 115 min
Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer
Starring Anwar Congo, Herman Koto, Syamsul Arifin

A documentary which challenges former Indonesian death-squad leaders to reenact their mass-killings in whichever cinematic genres they wish, including classic Hollywood crime scenarios and lavish musical numbers.

The Barbarians
1987, 87 min
Directed by Ruggero Deodato
Starring David Paul, Peter Paul, Richard Lynch

Orphaned twin brothers Kutchek and Gore are adopted by a tribe led by Canary the owner of a powerful jewel. The evil Kadar wants both Canary and the jewel. Attacking the tribe he kidnaps Canary but the stone eludes him. The brothers are taken to be trained as gladiators and years later have grown to be VERY big. They escape and set off on a quest to find the jewel and rescue Canary.

The Beaver Trilogy
2000, 83 min
Directed by Trent Harris
Starring Groovin' Gary, Sean Penn, Crispin Glover

It begins in 1979 with the chance meeting in a Salt Lake City parking lot where filmmaker Trent Harris is approached by an earnest small-town dreamer from Beaver, Utah. Harris jumps at the chance when the young man invites him to come to the small town of Beaver to film a talent show. At the show, the man dons black leather, blond wig and performs in drag as Olivia Newton John. Harris captures it all on tape. What unfolds is a strange, funny, and ultimately poignant portrait of a true outsider. Not willing to let the story go, Harris then created a dramatic piece, "Beaver Kid 2" based on the documentary. This interpretation, shot in 1981 on a home video camera with a budget of $100, features the young Sean Penn as the Beaver Kid re-enacting the same scenario. Still possessed, Harris then rewrote the script, cast Crispin Glover in the lead, and in 1985 created the final segment, "Orkly Kid" as an American Film Institute project. The three pieces were re-edited, compiled, and finally screened at the Lincoln Center in New York City in July of 2000. Beaver Trilogy unveils the inner world of a fantastic character compelled to hide, yet at the same time, tell the world about his secret life.

The Brøken
2008, 93 min
Directed by Sean Ellis
Starring Lena Headey, Ulrich Thomsen, Melvil Poupaud

On a busy street in London, Gina, a successful radiologist, thinks she sees herself drive past in her own car. Stunned by this strange event, Gina follows the mystery woman up to her apartment. From here, events take an eerie turn for the worse which leads to a car accident. Soon Gina's awareness slides from solid reality into a world that will haunt more than just her nightmares as she attempts to unravel the mystery where the only clue is a broken mirror.

The Dark Half
1993, 102 min
Directed by George A. Romero
Starring Timothy Hutton, Amy Madigan, Michael Rooker

A writer's fictional alter-ego wants to take over his any price.

The Dark Mirror
1946, 85 min
Directed by Robert Siodmak
Starring Olivia de Havilland, Lew Ayres, Thomas Mitchell

A man is found murdered, with witnesses convinced about the woman they saw leaving his apartment. However, it becomes apparent that the woman has a twin, and finding out which one is the killer seems impossible.

The Double
2013, 93 min
Directed by Richard Ayoade
Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn

A clerk in a government agency finds his unenviable life takes a turn for the horrific with the arrival of a new co-worker who is both his exact physical double and his opposite - confident, charismatic and seductive with women.

The Doppelganger Trilogy
Slater Bradley

The Doppelganger Trilogy are restagings of imagined performances by three pop icons Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. Fallen heroes that recollect our memory of an collective unconscious of our mass-mediated culture.

The Double Life of Veronique (La double vie de Véronique)
1991, 98 min
Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski
Starring Irène Jacob, Wladyslaw Kowalski, Halina

Veronique is a beautiful young French woman who aspires to be a renowned singer; Weronika lives in Poland, has a similar career goal and looks identical to Veronique, though the two are not related. The film follows both women as they contend with the ups and downs of their individual lives, with Veronique embarking on an unusual romance with Alexandre Fabbri a puppeteer who may be able to help her with her existential issues.

The Emperor’s Golem (Císaruv pekar - Pekaruv císar)
1952, 144 min
Directed by Martin Fric
Starring Jan Werich, Marie Vásová, Natasa Gollová

A comic take on the Golem myth, merged with your usual clone story...Remember the unknown barber looking like some famous dictator ? Here, we have Jan Werich starring as a humble baker who happens to be the exact double of a powerful European emperor (Rodolphe II as the alchemist addict). The two men decide to switch identities, and have a wonderful time indulging in their respective new lifestyles.

The Eternal Present
2004, 77 min
Directed by Otto Buj
Starring Craig Gloster, Mark Lefebvre, Gil Percy

The Face behind the Mask
1941, 69 min
Directed by Robert Florey
Starring Peter Lorre, Evelyn Keyes, Don Beddoe

Janos Szaby is a kind, innocent immigrant to America. Just after he arrives though, he is caught in a fire and his face is horribly burned and disfigured. Although a skilled craftsman his hideous features make it impossible for him to get work, and driven by despair he is forced to turn to crime to live. He finds himself very proficient at that, and soon makes enough money to buy a very lifelike mask to hide his scars behind. He hates what he does, but is he in too deep to get out.

The Great Dictator
1940, 95 min
Directed by Charles Chaplin
Starring Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie

Chaplin plays two totally opposite roles in his first "talkie," giving a superb display of his boundless talent for both inspired comedy and powerful drama. One of his masterfully drawn characters is a Jewish barber facing the constant threat of storm troopers and religious persecution. The other is the great dictator, Hynkel, a brilliant lampoon of Adolph Hitler that is awesome proof of Chaplin's pantomime genius. The movie's famous highlight comes in its final scene, when Chaplin steps out of character and addresses the camera with an eloquent plea for the triumph of reason and humanity over mindless militarism.

The Great Impostor
1961, 113 min
Directed by Robert Mulligan
Starring Tony Curtis, Karl Malden, Edmond O'Brien

Fitionalized account of Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. who stole or created fictional identities and worked in a variety of occupations, most quite successfully. He worked as a prison warden, impersonated a monk and was also a doctor aboard a Royal Canadian Navy warship where he was required to perform an appendectomy. His impersonations are more to allow himself to live different lives as opposed to making any kind of personal gain although he did get in trouble with the law as a result of his exploits

The Hidden Face (La Cara Occulta)
2011, 97 min
Directed by Andrés Baiz
Starring Quim Gutiérrez, Martina García, María Soledad Rodríguez

A woman accidentally becomes trapped in her new home's panic room while trying to spy on her boyfriend. Behind a mirror she lives as a double of the new girlfriend.

The Hidden
1987, 96 min
Directed by Jack Sholder
Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri, Claudia Christian

An alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on a violent crime spree in LA, pursued by a human cop and an alien cop inhabiting a human body.

The Image
1967, 13 min
Directed by Michael Armstrong
Starring Michael Byrne, David Bowie

An artist's painting comes to life, and haunts him.

The Impostor
2012, 99 min
Directed by Bart Layton
Starring Adam O'Brian, Anna Ruben, Cathy Dresbach

A documentary centered on a young Frenchman who claims to a grieving Texas family that he is their 16-year-old son who has been missing for 3 years.

The Last Elvis (El último Elvis)
2012, 99 min
Directed by Armando Bo
Starring John McInerny, Griselda Siciliani, Margarita Lopez

A tragic accident causes an Elvis impersonator to reassess his priorities.

The Living Skeleton (Kyûketsu dokuro-sen)
1968, 81 min
Directed by Hiroshi Matsuno
Starring Kikko Matsuoka, Yasunori Irikawa, Masumi Okada

The film's plot begins in the past where a gang of pirates commandeer a ship and kill everyone on board. Three years later in a seaside village, a Catholic priest has offered shelter to the Saeko as her twin sister, Yoriko has disappeared with her new husband at sea. Saeko later scuba dives with her boyfriend, the couple find a group of submerged human skeletons, chained together at the ankles near the ocean floor. That night, a ghost ship appears in the mist offshore as a voice from the ship calls out for Saeko.

The Man who haunted Himself
1970, 89 min
Directed by Basil Dearden
Starring Roger Moore, Hildegarde Neil

Based on the novel The Strange Case of Mr Pelham by Anthony Armstrong. (see Hitchcock) While driving one evening, Harold Pelham appears possessed and has a car accident. While on the operating table, there even appears to be two heartbeats on the monitor. When he awakes, Pelham finds his life has been turned upside-down: he learns that he now supports a merger that he once opposed, and that he apparently is having an affair. People claim they have seen him in places that he has never been. Pelham starts being followed by a mysterious silver car (a Lamborghini Islero) - his doppelgänger

The Man with my Face
1951, 79 min
Directed by Edward Montagne
Starring Barry Nelson, Carole Mathews, Lynn Ainley

A man arrives home one night to find that a look- alike has taken over his life completely.
The Mask, Jim Carrey

The Man who Copied (O Homem Que Copiava)
2003, 113 min
Directed by Jorge Furtado
Starring Lázaro Ramos, Renata de Lélis, Sérgio Lulkin

André, relatively poor, falls in love with Silvia, a neighbor whom he spies with a telescope. Falling more and more in love with her, he begins to follow her around the city and realizes she works in a clothing shop. He works in a xerox place and makes a copy of a brand new 50 real bill in order to buy a dress from her store. This becomes a vice and he begins to photocopy more and more money, until it gets out of control. However, things begin to go wrong when he decides that photocopying is not the only way to make money.

The Man who Reclaimed his Head
1934, 88 min
Directed by Edward Ludwig
Starring Claude Rains, Joan Bennett, Lionel Atwill

Set in France of 1915, Rains gives a great performance as a shy, idealistic writer with the ability to strike directly into the hearts and minds of his readers.  Instead of channelling this talent through any oration of his own he ghost-writes for a powerful publisher.  He has no idea of the cold-blooded duplicity, cynicism, and betrayal that is being engineered behind the scenes.  For the fat cats of all nations, starting a war is a good way to make money, with Rains playing the unwitting dupe that will fill their pockets…at least while he still holds on to his sanity.

The Mask
1961, 83 min
Directed by Julian Roffman
Starring Paul Stevens, Claudette Nevins, Bill Walker

A young archaeologist believes he is cursed by a mask that causes him to have weird nightmares and possibly to murder. Before committing suicide, he mails the mask to his psychiatrist, Dr. Barnes, who is soon plunged into the nightmare world of the mask.

The Net
1995, 113 min
Directed by Irwin Winkler
Starring Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, Dennis Miller

Angela Bennett is a computer expert. This young and beautiful analyst is never far from a computer and modem. The only activity she has outside of computers is visiting her mother. A friend, whom she's only spoken to over the net and phone, Dale Hessman, sent her a program with a weird glitch for her to de-bug. That night, he left to meet her and was killed in a plane crash. Angela discovers secret information on the disk she has received only hours before she leaves for vacation. Her life then turns into a nightmare, her records are erased from existence and she is given a new identity, one with a police record. She struggles to find out why this has happened and who has it in for her.

The Number 23
2007, 101 min
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Starring Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen, Logan Lerman |

Walter Sparrow becomes obsessed with a novel that he believes was written about him. As his obsession increases, more and more similarities seem to arise.

The Man Who Changed His Mind
1936, 66 min
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Starring Boris Karloff, Anna Lee, John Loder

Dr. Laurence, a once-respectable scientist, begins to research the origin of the mind and the soul. The science community rejects him, and he risks losing everything for which he has worked. He begins to use his discoveries to save his research and further his own causes, thereby becoming... a Mad Scientist.

The Other
1972, 108 min
Directed by
Robert Mulligan
Starring Uta Hagen, Diana Muldaur, Chris Udvarnoky

Down in the farm country of the US twins are born. One of them turns out to be good, while the other becomes rather evil.

The Passenger (Professione: reporter)
1975, 119 min
Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
Starring Jack Nicholson, Maria Schneider, Jenny Runacre

A journalist researching a documentary in the Sahara Desert meets a gunrunner who dies suddenly. When the journalist notices that they have a similar appearance, he assumes the recently deceased's identity and accepts the consequences that it brings.

The Picture of Dorian Gray
1945, 110 min
Directed by Albert Lewin
Starring George Sanders, Hurd Hatfield, Donna Reed

A corrupt young man somehow keeps his youthful beauty, but a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all.

The Prestige
2006, 113 min
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson

A mysterious story of two magicians whose intense rivalry leads them on a life-long battle for supremacy -- full of obsession, doppelganger deceit and jealousy with dangerous and deadly consequences.

The Projectionist
1971, 88 min
Directed by Harry Hurwitz
Starring Chuck McCann, Ina Balin, Rodney Dangerfield

A projectionist bored with his everyday life begins fantasizing about his being one of the superheroes he sees in the movies he shows.
The purple Rose of Cairo

The Saints Double Trouble
1940, 67 min
Directed by Jack Hively
Starring George Sanders, Helene Whitney, Jonathan Hale

An enigmatic gang leader known as "The Boss," who is a dead-ringer for Simon, puts "The Saint" under suspicion of murder.

The Skin I live in (La piel que habito)
2011, 120 min
Directed by Pedro Almodovar
Starring Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Jan Cornet |

Almodovar's take on the body double theme features a mad surgeon who takes the boy that raped his daughter as a guinea pig for his experiments on skin grafting. In a series of operations the doctor succeeds in shaping the boys body into an identical copy of his deceased wife.

The Spider’s Stratagem (Strategia del ragno)
1970, 100 min
Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci
Starring Giulio Brogi, Alida Valli, Pippo Campanini

Athos Magnani, a young researcher, returns to Tara, where his father was killed before his birth, at the request of Draifa. The father, also named Athos Magnani and looking exactly like the son, was killed by a fascist in 1936 -- or so says Draifa (his mistress), the town statue, and everyone in town. As the son untangles the web of lies this story is constructed from, he finds himself ensnared in the same web. From the short story by Borges 'Theme of the Traitor and the hero'

The Case of Mr. Pelham, Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 1, Episode 10
1955, 30 min
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Tom Ewell, Alfred Hitchcock, Raymond Bailey

A series of troubling incidents lead Mr. Pelham to believe that he has a double who is deliberately impersonating him.

The Stranger (Agantuk)
1991, 120 min
Directed by Satyajit Ray
Starring Dipankar Dey, Mamata Shankar, Bikram Bhattacharya

The film sees Anila receiving a letter from a man claiming to be her uncle, a man who disappeared thirty-five years prior. He turns up at her family home professing to be an anthropologist, a globally seasoned traveler en route from the United States to Australia. The family is suspicious of the stranger, believing him to be an impostor pushing a financial scam. After a grilling from the family's lawyer, he leaves as unexpectedly as he arrives, leaving behind a stunned family, and some very insightful observations.

The Student of Prague (Der Student von Prag)
1913, 85 min
Directed by Stellan Rye, Hanns Heinz Ewers
Starring Paul Wegener, John Gottowt, Grete Berger

A poor student rescues a beautiful countess and soon becomes obsessed with her. A sorcerer makes a deal with the young man to give him fabulous wealth and anything he wants, if he will sign his name to a contract (i.e. make a Deal with the Devil). The student hurriedly signs the contract, but doesn't know that it is in exchange for his mirror image, that will become his haunting doppelganger.

The Student of Prague (Der Student von Prag)
1926, 110 min
Directed by Henrik Galeen
Starring Conrad Veidt, Elizza La Porta, Fritz Alberti

The Talented Mr. Ripley
1999, 139 min
Directed by Anthony Minghella
Starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law

To be young and carefree amid the blue waters and idyllic landscape of sun-drenched Italy in the late 1950s; that's la dolce vita Tom Ripley craves- and Dickie Greenleaf leads. When Dickie's father asks Tom to bring his errant playboy son back home to America, Dickie and his beautiful expatriate girlfriend, Marge Sherwood never suspect the dangerous extremes to which Ripley, his talents include impressions and forgery, will go to make their lifestyle his own.

The Tenant (Le Locataire)
1976, 126 min
Directed by Roman Polanski
Starring Roman Polanski, Isabelle Adjani, Melvyn Douglas

Director Roman Polanski casts himself in the lead of the psychological thriller The Tenant. Trelkovsky (Polanski) rents an apartment in a spooky old residential building, where his neighbors -- mostly old recluses -- eye him with suspicious contempt. Upon discovering that the apartment's previous tenant, a beautiful young woman, jumped from the window in a suicide attempt, Trelkovsky begins obsessing over the dead woman. Growing increasingly paranoid, Trelkovsky convinces himself that his neighbors plan to kill him. He even comes to the conclusion that Stella (Isabel Adjani), the woman he has fallen in love with, is in on the "plot." Ultimately, Polanski assumes the identity of the suicide victim -- and inherits her self-destructive urges

The Third Shadow (Daisan no kagemusha)
1963, 104 min
Directed by Umetsugu Inoue
Starring Raizô Ichikawa, Hizuru Takachiho, Masayo Banri

A warlords' retainer offers a farmer the chance to become a samurai, but he is instead forced to serve as a double of the warlord at expense of his freedom.

The Three Faces of Eve
1957, 91 min
Directed by Nunnally Johnson
Starring Joanne Woodward, David Wayne, Lee J. Cobb

The Tiger’s Tail
2006, 107 min
Directed by John Boorman
Starring Brendan Gleeson, Kim Cattrall, Ciarán Hinds

After a chance encounter, a Dubliner (Gleeson) is stalked by a murderous facsimile of himself.

The Two Mrs. Carrolls
1947, 99 min
Directed by Peter Godfrey
Starring Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Stanwyck, Alexis Smith

The Wandering Image (Das Wandernde Bild)
1920, 67 min
Directed by Fritz Lang
Starring Mia May, Hans Marr, Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Mia May, who plays the female lead, has surrendered herself to a disciple of free love, and, having given birth to a child, marries the twin brother and Doppelgänger ofher chosen lover, in his name. When the philosopher finds out about this, he retires into the mountains vowing not return to civilization until a statue of the virgin which he passed on his way in the snow begins to walk. Her brother pursues the woman he married, but she is saved by an unknown relative and escapes. Pursued, she meets the hermit. The pursuer goes mad and perishes. The lost girl devotes her life to the poor. One stormy night when the statue of the virgin is destroyed by the elements she brings a strange child back to her home. The hermit takes her for the walking statue of the virgin and is reunited with his companion.

The Congress
2013, 122 min
Directed by Ari Folman
Starring  Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, Jon Hamm

An aging actress agrees to preserve her digital likeness for a studio to use in any future films it likes.

The Human Centipede
2009, 92 min
Directed by Tom Six
Starring Dieter Laser, Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie

Two pretty but ditsy American girls are on a road trip through Europe. In Germany, they end up alone at night with a broken car in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next day, they awaken to find themselves trapped in a terrifying makeshift basement hospital along with a Japanese man. An older German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized in separating Siamese twins. However, his three "patients" are not about to be separated but joined together in a horrific operation. He plans to be the first person to connect people via their gastric systems. By doing so, he plans to bring to life his sick lifetime fantasy, the human centipede

The One
2008, 87 min
Directed by James Wong
Starring Jet Li, Carla Gugino, Delroy Lindo

A sheriff's deputy fights an alternate universe version of himself who grows stronger with each alternate self he kills.

The Role
2013, 123 min
Directed by Konstantin Lopushanskiy
Starring Aleksandr Efremov, Maria Järvenhelmi, Leonid Mozgovoy

'The Role' is about a brilliant actor in revolutionary Russia who takes on the greatest role of his life - the role of another man. Influenced by the ideas of symbolism and the Silver Age, he decides to slip into the life of his doppelganger - a revolutionary leader in the new Soviet Russia. First intrigued, then obsessed, he flings himself into the role and lives it to the hilt... even when the play of the life he is writing heads towards a tragic finale. Based on true incidents in the lives of Russia's symbolists, this gripping film explores how far one man will go for the role of a lifetime.

The Scar
1948, 83 min
Directed by Steve Sekely
Starring Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett, Eduard Franz

Upon his parole from jail, gangster John Muller (Paul Henreid) pulls one final job against a rival mobster and flees to Los Angeles. There, he is mistaken for psychologist Victor Bartok (also Henreid), for whom he is a double except for a scar on Bartok's face. When Bartok's secretary Evelyn (Joan Bennett), who is love with him, mistakes Muller for Bartok, Muller plots to assume his identity. All goes well until Muller mistakenly scars the wrong side of his face.

The Whole Town's Talking
1935, 93 min
Directed by John Ford
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Jean Arthur, Arthur Hohl |

A meek milquetoast of a clerk is mistaken for Public Enemy #1, and the notorious killer takes advantage of the situation.

Thomas l'imposteur
1965, 94 min
Directed by Georges Franju
Starring  Emmanuelle Riva, Jean Servais, Fabrice Rouleau

Based on the story of Jean Cocteau the film is set during World War I, as Paris is expected to fall to the Germans. The Princesse de Bormes, a widow, helps wounded soldiers by evacuating them from the front and bringing them to her villa in Paris for medical care. However, the authorities will not give the Princess and the soldiers passes to return to Paris. The situation changes when an innocent 16-year-old boy, Guillaume Thomas de Fontenoy, joins the authorities and is mistaken as the nephew of the popular General de Fontenoy. Thomas is able to use his position of posing as the general's nephew to cut through the red tape, in order to help the Princess. She is entranced by Thomas, and her daughter, Henriette, falls in love with him. However, Thomas feels impelled to see more war action. Later, he is caught behind enemy lines when he is moved with a military unit into the heat of battle.

3 Women
1977, 124 min
Directed by Robert Altman
Starring Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Janice Rule |

Pinky is an awkward adolescent who starts work at a spa in the California desert. She becomes overly attached to fellow spa attendant, Millie when she becomes Millie's room-mate. Mille is a lonely outcast who desperately tries to win attention with constant up-beat chatter. They hang out at a bar owned by a strange pregnant artist and her has-been cowboy husband. After two emotional crises, the three woman steal and trade personalities until they settle into a new family unit that seems to give each woman what she was searching for.

Through the Forest (À travers la forêt)
2005, 65 min
Directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac
Starring Camille Berthomier, Aurélien Wiik, Morgane Hainaux

After the death of Renaud, her boyfriend, Armelle can't possibly take him out of her mind. She sees Renaud, her dead lover, in her dreams every night. After consulting a medium and having gone through a mental breakdown, she is suddenly given a power over people. So she wills her way over Hippolyte who is a deadringer for her dead lover- making him(and herself) believe that he is Renaud.

Toi... le venin
1958, 92 mi
Directed by Robert Hossein
Starring Robert Hossein, Marina Vlady, Odile Versois

Picked up by a beautiful motorist, jobless hitchhiker Pierre is subsequently romanced by the girl. Immediately thereafter, however, she dumps him, attempting to run him over as a final insult. Memorizing her license number, Pierre pursues the enigmatic motorist. Arriving at her home, Pierre is met by two blonde sisters either one of whom might be the woman he's looking for.

Twin Dragons (Sung lung wui)
1992, 100 min
Directed by Ringo Lam, Hark Tsui
Starring Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Teddy Robin Kwan

Two twins are separated at birth, one becoming a streetwise mechanic and the other an acclaimed classical concert conductor. Finally meeting in adulthood they each become mistaken for the other and entangled in each other's world.

Twin Husbands
1933, 68 min
Directed by Frank R. Strayer
Starring John Miljan, Shirley Grey, Monroe Owsley

The film begins with a guy waking up from a bump on the head. The people around him try in vain to convince him that five years have passed and that he's a rich guy. A wife and her business partner are trying to use Miljan as a double for her estranged and missing husban

Twin Sisters
1934, 81 min
Directed by Zheng Zhenqgqiu

A movie, taking a clear anti-establishment stand, shows the parallel lives of two twins, separated at birth - one going to Shanghai, the other raised into the countryside. One a mistress, the other a servant- hardly recognize each other anymore.

Twisted Sisters
2006, 97 min
Directed by Wolfgang Büld
Starring Fiona Horsey, Frank Meyer-Brockmann, Heino Trusheim

Twisted Sisters is a dark thriller dealing with the personal struggle between two twins. Jennifer was given everything a girl could wish for, Norah learned to survive on nothing. Now it is time for the tables to turn. Locating, stalking and mimicking the life of her sister, Norah decides it is time that she had it all - and no-one will get in her way

2004, 97 min
Directed by Philip Kaufman
Starring Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia

Jessica Shepard is an on the rise police officer of San Francisco's esteemed police department, after having solved a big case about a serial killer. Her mentor John Mills is proud of Jessica as a father would be of his daughter, since Mills was the partner of Jessica's late father. With a newly established promotion, Jessica finds that she might once again have to prove herself in a department that takes no prisoners. Not to mention a new partner named Mike Delmarco, who might be Jessica's next closest thing to a confidant. However, a man has been found dead and the two officers are brought into the investigation. What they find is a surprise when the dead in question was a man Jessica slept with, he being part of a list of one night stands that Jessica has engaged in. Now under suspicion and a terrible drinking problem gnawing at her, Jessica will have to prove to her superiors and to her skeptical partner that she's not the one behind the murders and Mills is one of the few people

Two of a Kind
1951, 75 min
Directed by Henry Levin
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Lizabeth Scott, Terry Moore

Brandy Kirby and crooked Lawyer Vincent Mailer plan to rob William and Maida McIntyre by producing a convincing double for their long-lost son. Brandy charms gambler Lefty Farrell into impersonating the missing son. Kathy, the McIntyre's niece, who likes Lefty, introduces him to the McIntyres who soon become convinced he is their son, but the old man refuses to change his will. Lefty balks at killing McIntyre and exposes Mailer's attempted swindle. Brandy and Lefty end up together as "two of a kind."

1958, 129 min
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes

Police detective John "Scottie" Ferguson is forced into early retirement because an incident in the line of duty has caused him to develop acrophobia (an extreme fear of heights) and vertigo (a sensation of false, rotational movement). As a former detective he is asked by a friend to investigate his wife named Madeleine since he was afraid that she might attempt to kill herself due to probable insanity as she thinks that she might be possessed by a dead woman. Scottie agrees and ended up falling in love with her. Unfortunately for him, Madeleine died and he was left alone until a woman named Judy that looks like Madeleine came along and things start to unfold.

2005, 45 min
Directed by Victor Kossakovsky
Starring Svyatoslav Kossakovsky

This film is a unique document of interest to psychologists and parents. Its theoretical basis is the discovery by the French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan, presented in a paper first in 1936, of what he termed the mirror stage of development. His discovery and the concept was a genuine addition to Freud's theory of early development. We see the little Russian boy use a mirror for the first time. He sees the mirror image as an other being but then relates it to his own body and by that route to his self or "I". Lacan's observation established that from this point on the child first has a self and that it has been acquired by way of an other. Throughout life the self is assessed and validated by way of the other.

Viktor and Viktoria
1933, 100 min
Directed by Reinhold Schünzel
Starring Renate Müller, Hermann Thimig, Hilde Hildebrand

Aspiring singer Susanne takes over for ham actor Viktor at a small cabaret in Berlin where he works a woman impersonator and per chance she's discovered by an agent, who thinks, that she really is a man. She becomes famous, but her situation becomes troublesome, when she falls in love with Robert.

Wax Mask
1997, 98 min
Directed by Sergio Stivaletti
Starring Robert Hossein, Romina Mondello, Riccardo Serventi

Paris, 1900: a couple are horribly murdered by a masked man with a metal claw who rips their hearts out. The sole survivor and witness to the massacre is a young girl. Twelve years later in Rome a new wax museum is opened, whose main attractions are lifelike recreations of gruesome murder scenes. A young man bets that he will spend the night in the museum but is found dead the morning after. Soon, people start disappearing from the streets of Rome and the wax museum halls begin filling with new figures...

Who was Edgar Allan (Wer war Edgar Allan)
1984, 83 min
Directed by Michael Haneke
Starring Paulus Manker, Rolf Hoppe, Guido Wieland

Based on the novel by noted Austrian writer Peter Rosei, who draws on Poe’s themes of doubling, shadowing, and the uncanny, this atmospheric mystery, set in Venice over four distinct seasons, follows a German art student suffering from some unnamed illness, existential or otherwise. He is befriended by a shady and secretive German American gentleman, “Edgar Allan,” who seems intent on driving him mad by dogging his every move. Haneke’s Venice is a figment of the (paranoid) imagination, where strange characters make unwanted intrusions and clues are laid out like pieces of an incomplete jigsaw puzzle.

The Double Incarnation of William Sheep
1913, 14 min

A young gambler plays a game of chess against his creditor in order to clear his debts. Whilst playing he falls into a dream where he encounters a mysterious man who has the power to take his identity.

1973, 88 min
Directed by Michael Crichton
Starring Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, James Brolin

A robot malfunction creates havoc and terror for unsuspecting vacationers at a futuristic, adult-themed amusement park.

Witout You I am Nothing
1990, 89 min
Directed by John Boskovich
Starring Sandra Bernhard, John Doe, Steve Antin

Sandra Bernhard stars in a studio version of her off-Broadway show, blending re-enactments of the original show's pieces with concept vignettes and 'testimonials' to underscore the relationship between a performer and an audience.

2010, 111 min
Directed by Benedek Fliegauf
Starring Eva Green, Matt Smith, Lesley Manville

After a tragic accident, a woman decides to clone her lover, and raise him from infancy to adult.

1983, 79 min
Directed by Woody Allen
Starring Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Patrick Horgan

Fictional documentary about the life of human chameleon Leonard Zelig, a man who becomes a celebrity in the 1920s due to his ability to look and act like whoever is around him.

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